Wonga Loans Online Application Form

Wonga loans are intended to meet short-term needs. The money obtained through these loans is used as filler in a person’s economic model. Short-term loans of a small sum can help you get by till you have enough money.

The financing process is adaptable, quick, and open. If the applicant’s bank’s a quick processing system, the loan might be in their account within an hour. Wonga offers loans of up to R8000 to new account holders and R4000 to existing account holders.

How to Apply for Wonga Loans Online Application Form?

The following are typical loan application steps.

  • Visit the Wonga website and sign up for an account.
  • Fill in the blanks with your name, ID number, home language, marital status, email address, and password. Select the Register tab.
  • After creating your login ID and password, you can access your account and apply for a loan anytime.
  • Check your requirements and calculate the amount you wish to apply for. After you’ve checked your limit, add the amount in Rand.
  • Choose your repayment period.
  • Fill out the rest of the application form using their secure form format.
  • Fill up the account with your most current income proofs or paystubs.
  • To complete the application, click the Submit button.

Application Requirements

Among the application requirements are:

  • South African identification number
  • Account information
  • Registered mobile phone number in your name
  • Your most recent payment or income evidence.

Eligibility Criteria

These are required to be qualified for a loan.

  • Loan applicants must be South African citizens.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant must have a bank account.
  • They must also have a registered mobile phone number in their hands.

How to Check Wonga Loan Status Online?

Checking the loan status is simple once you’ve applied for one.

  • Access your Wonga account.
  • Navigate to the My Account page to get your loan summary.
  • There is a column in there called Amount due today. Check the queue for the amount owed for your payment. This portion also contains the next projected date.

Wonga Loan Interest Rate

Wonga’s maximum interest rate for new customers is 5% simple interest. Wonga loaners should anticipate paying an interest rate of 3%-5%.


If you believe a loan will help you manage your finances better for a month, Wonga is the appropriate solution for South Africans. As a novice, you can collect between R500 and R4000; as an established client, you can collect up to R8000.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who qualifies for Wonga?

To be eligible for a Wonga loan, you must be a South African resident with a bank account, be above eighteen, and have access to a mobile phone. Income documentation is also necessary.

How long does a Wonga loan take to be approved?

Wonga also provides rapid loan approval online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, no matter what day or hour you apply for a Wonga loan, if we can approve your loan instantaneously, we will send the cash-out, which might be in your account within the hour, depending on how quickly your bank works.

Does Wonga pay on the same day?

The Wonga application is simple; in most cases, a decision is provided immediately. You will then need to upload your documents proving your income using our online document uploader. After your application is approved, your funds will be released to you as an instant payday loan.

Does Wonga pay on weekends?

Wonga allows customers to apply at any time, including Saturdays and Sundays. However, because money transfer is a bank operation, they can only make the loan deposit on business days. So bear this in mind when applying for a Wonga loan.

How do I reset my Wonga account?

Have you forgotten your login information? Visit wonga.co.za, login, and select ‘Forgot Password.’ Enter your email address, and we’ll send you a link to set your new password quickly. Remember to write down your new password!

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