What To Do If Your Driver’s License Was Stolen Or Lost Outside The RSA?

Indeed, you must have a driving license to drive legally and safely in South Africa. However, if you want to replace lost or stolen driving license outside South Africa, you have to go for a new one. You have to apply for it, and till that, you have to use the temporary license provided to you after applying.  

We know you become worried, especially if you lost it outside the RSA. But, there is not to worry a lot because you can quickly go for a new one by visiting the DLTC or applying online via its official website (Natis). Besides, the process is the same as applying for DL renewal, so take it easy.

1- Requesting For Getting New Driver’s License Via Online

  • Open the official (Natis) website 
  • Fill out the application form for new driver’s license
  • Pay the total fee mentioned on the application form.
  • DLTC, after verifying the old record of your lost DL. Start progressing to the new one.
  • Next, DLTC asked you to put your fingerprints for verification.
Requesting For Getting New Driver's License Via Online

Note: You don’t need to go for a test, as this applies to you based on your old lost or stolen DL. Although, in case of stolen or lost, you must go through the test or examination while applying for the new one. As your eyesight clears, a temporary DL is issued to you. Until the new license progresses, that may take 4 to 6 weeks.

2- Requesting To Replace Lost Or Stolen Driving License By Visiting The DLTC

  • Visit the DLTC that is near to you to apply for a new DL.
  • Please give them a reason (stolen or lost) outside the country.
  • The DL will ask you to fill out the application form with the prerequisite.
  • After submitting the application form and the fee, the DLTC starts working on your new DL and allot you temporary DL for 4 to 6 weeks.

If a person does not get his DL after 4 to 6 weeks of progress, he may request it via writing a confirmation letter.

Writing a requesting confirmation letter

  • The requester must give his ID copy, contact no., and a copy of lost or stolen DL.
  • The DLTC will investigate it thoroughly and then let you know the reason for delaying your DL. Further, it will give you the new tentative date of delivery.

Wrap Up

To wrap up, here we explain how easily you request the new DL in case of loss or theft,  via requesting an online website (Natis); or by directly visiting DLTC. We also explain how you can write a request letter in case of delay. The DLTC will tell you the reason and provide a new date to receive your DL.

Further, requesting a new DL after being stolen or losing is similar to the renewal DL process. So it would be excellent if you had the exact prerequisites and followed the same methods you did while renewing the DL.

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