How To Renew Expire Driving License Card Outside The Border Of RSA?

Usually, it isn’t possible to renew expire driving license card outside of RSA if you are not present in South Africa. The reason is that the Republic of South Africa demands your fingerprints and eyesight test that are only possible while you are in the state. 

While here, you reside outside the border of RSA, so you aren’t in a position to visit the DLTC in RSA for fingerprints verification and eyesight test. Then questions produce what to do or how to request the renewal of expired DL?

Here, in our beneficiary guide, we take a possible way of applying while you are residing outside, so jump over this helpful guide and get to know the details of that possible way.

How To Renew Expire Driving License Card Outside The Border Of RSA

A person takes help from the RTMC of the RSA. The RTMC has the authority to verify your identity ID validity and provide the confirmation letter to the DLTC of the RSA. The RTMC verified the DLTC in its confirmation letter that you hold a valid license and the RTMC did this by verifying your ID number on the NATIS. 

So, you are a legally approved person to drive in South Africa. The DLTC, on receiving the letter, confirms your license ID as it serves as proof of holding valid DL.

Hence, in this way, your DL will renew even if you are residing outside the RSA.

How Do You Get The Renewal DL When You Are Residing Outside?

However, another query produces how you get the DL card after renewing?

Don’t worry, keep calm; we will explain this to you to quickly get it. You can’t receive it by visiting the DLTC in the RSA, so you have to rely on a known person that should be your relative. 

But, the relative only will receive one condition, and that is he must take a copy of his certified and approved ID documents. Plus, the receiver must contain the applicant’s affidavit explaining why the applicant did not come for receiving his DL.

Wrap Up

Firstly, it is not as easy as anyone thinks to renew his expired DL while residing outside the RSA. Fingerprints and other documents are needed to verify the person on the DLTC. However, by requesting the RTMC, issue you a confirmation letter and send it to the DLTC. The DLTC confirms that the applicant is a valid license holder. 

So, DLTC issued you a new one; further, based on the applicant’s affidavit, his relative or the said person will receive it by providing a copy of verified or certified demanded documents.

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