What to Do After Booking of Renewal of Driving License Online?

When you are done with your Online booking of Renewal of Driver’s License through NATIS, then you have to move to check the progressing status of the renewal DL and then visit DLTC with the required documents to receive the renewed DL.

1- Checking Online DL Renewal Progress

For this purpose, set notification priority while applying for the renewal. So you can get an SMS or email from the NATIS on your license progress. If you couldn’t get any SMS or email for more than a month, it means that the renewal application isn’t accepted due to some reasons. In this case, visit the DLTC and ask them for your license. Here, we advise you to check the online status of your application to confirm it’s progressing.

Check DL progressing status via Natis

Go through the following procedure to check DL’s progress via Natis.

Those motorist’s driver’s license is being processed checked as follow;

  1. Visit the Website (NATIS)
  2. Redirect to the webpage
  3. Enter your valid ID number & other prerequisites 
  4. Check your DL progressing status via Messaging
  5. Check your DL progressing or Ready Status
  6. Check the status via Messaging at 33214

Sometimes, a message isn’t received on DL progressing or ready. Thus you have to check it by yourself. 

Insert the ID number in the SMS box and send it to 33214. 

Within a few seconds, you got an SMS about the DL progressing or ready status.

Thing to consider                                      

Here the important thing to consider is that you must charge on checking the DL renewal progressing status via Messaging. 

Expected Response from the Team (DLTC)

The renewing application doesn’t exist or Unknown ID: It states that it isn’t successfully submitted for this ID number.

Request received by the DLTC Team: It states that the request for DL has been received

Request in processing period: It states that the DLTC team is working on it, and your request is in progressing stage.

Request approved & posted: It states that the DL renewal request has been approved, and the status is updated.

2- Visit DLTC with the prerequisites

After confirming your DL renewal status, visit DLTC with the demanded prerequisites to receive the renewed DL. 

Required Information while visiting the DLTC

Eye TestThe eye test is compulsory, so choose the nearest available optometrist and go for the test. Take this report to the DLTC. An eye test can be performed at DLTC, which is more cost-effective than the optometrist option.
Essential DocumentsYour documents must be verified before issuing you a new DL; so go with the following documents; an Original ID card along with a certified copy Valid Passport along with a certified copy of an old driver’s license card (if you couldn’t hold certified copies of these documents then first visit Police Station that is near to you. There you can get a free attesting service for your copy documents.
ID PhotosMostly DLTCs in the RSA take photographs, so no worries about it. However, if you take 4 black & white ID photos with you, it will save your time.
FingerprintsFingerprints must take by the DLTC for verification.  
Residency ProofLast but an essential requirement is your residency proof; a utility bill is the best option to choose from it. However, if that bill isn’t in your name ask the owner (whose name is mentioned on the bill) to sign an affidavit to confirm your residency. Moreover, bring a letter withholding an official stamp on the present Councillor if you live in an informal settlement.  

Visit the Test Center; after completing all the formalities, including checking prerequisites and verifying your ID, will issue you a new Driver’s license and cancel your old (expired) DL.

Final Words

After booking your online DL renewal, you are just two steps away from getting your New Renewal DL in your hand. These are checking DL renewing progress status and visiting the DLTC to receive the New Driver’s License.

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