How much are Vehicle License Renewals Fees in NorthWest – 2022 UPDATES

Did you know that every two years you’ll require your vehicle to be licensed (or renewed)? Licensing is really simple, but it is extremely important to ensure that it happens. The first reason for this is the fact that if you do not renew the license on your automobile you run the risk of being charged a fine. In this article, I’ll tell what are vehicle license Renewal fees in NorthWest according to the latest information we received.

I believe that the majority of people don’t think about this until it’s too late and find themselves in an awkward position because of it. 

Vehicle Renewals Fess in North West- Guide

The second reason why it’s so important to get your vehicle licensed is that some states are now electronically scanning cars against databases in order to check if they’re up-to-date with regards to their licensing. This is also a great way to save time as well as money, especially for those who live in busy cities where everything seems to start later and finish earlier than expected (if at all). In this article, I will show you a list of Vehicle License Renewals Fees of NorthWest.

Keep your vehicle registration up to date so you can drive safely on the roads. Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) offers convenient ways to renew your vehicle license.

License renewal fees will be mailed to you again this year. Please refer to the license renewal fee table for vehicle classes through 7000. Please note the $5 increase on all vehicles over $7,000. Please feel free to contact the Tax Collector at 586-469-5014 if you have any questions.

Northwest residents who purchase a vehicle during the months of January through April, actually may save significantly on their annual license renewal fees as compared to renewing during the summer or fall.

Vehicle license renewal fees are required when the operator of a motor vehicle (cars, pickup trucks, motor homes, motorcycles) permanently transfers the title or interest of ownership to another person. For this service, you will be charged a fee based on your county and/or city location.

Fees and Costs of Vehicle License Renewals In NorthWest

Vehicle license renewal fees in the Northwest may surprise you. The real cost of registering your car might not be what you thought it was. To keep you updated, here is NorthWest’s renewal fee structure. It has several additions to some classic car and truck license renewal fees in Oregon.

Below is a list of these fees.

used only
for farming*
Tractors used on a public roadTrailers and
 250 kgR216,00R912,00R216,00R144,00R180,00
250 kg500 kgR258,00R912,00R258,00R144,00R204,00
500 kg750 kgR294,00R912,00R294,00R144,00R270,00
750 kg1 000 kgR324,00R912,00R324,00R144,00R324,00
1 000 kg1 250 kgR396,00R912,00R396,00R144,00R384,00
1 250 kg1 500 kgR486,00R912,00R498,00R168,00R516,00
1 500 kg1 750 kgR588,00R912,00R588,00R168,00R588,00
1 750 kg2 000 kgR666,00R912,00R666,00R168,00R678,00
2 000 kg2 250 kgR666,00R912,00R846,00R192,00R834,00
2 250 kg2 500 kgR1 002,00R1 002,00R1 002,00R204,00R1 002,00
2 500 kg2 750 kgR1 128,00R1 116,00R1 140,00R204,00R1 140,00
2 750 kg3 000 kgR1 248,00R1 182,00R1 248,00R204,00R1 248,00
3 000 kg3 250 kgR1 452,00R1 362,00R1 452,00R204,00R2 196,00
3 250 kg3 500 kgR1 668,00R1 542,00R1 668,00R204,00R2 400,00
3 500 kg3 750 kgR1 914,00R1 710,00R1 914,00R270,00R2 682,00
3 750 kg4 000 kgR2 094,00R1 860,00R2 106,00R294,00R2 928,00
4 000 kg4 250 kgR2 298,00R2 016,00R2 310,00R294,00R3 276,00
4 250 kg4 500 kgR2 502,00R2 184,00R2 532,00R294,00R3 504,00
4 500 kg4 750 kgR2 736,00R2 352,00R2 736,00R294,00R3 762,00
4 750 kg5 000 kgR2 916,00R2 502,00R2 916,00R294,00R4 020,00
5 000 kg5 250 kgR4 518,00R7 950,00R4 440,00R294,00R4 842,00
5 250 kg5 500 kgR4 944,00R7 950,00R4 878,00R294,00R4 878,00
5 500 kg5 750 kgR5 382,00R7 950,00R5 340,00R294,00R5 562,00
5 750 kg6 000 kgR5 802,00R7 950,00R5 754,00R294,00R5 982,00
6 000 kg6 250 kgR6 276,00R7 950,00R6 228,00R306,00R6 444,00
6 250 kg6 500 kgR6 768,00R7 950,00R6 678,00R306,00R6 870,00
6 500 kg6 750 kgR7 296,00R7 950,00R7 188,00R306,00R7 344,00
6 750 kg7 000 kgR8 322,00R8 010,00R7 830,00R306,00R7 872,00
7 000 kg7 250 kgR8 562,00R8 412,00R8 268,00R306,00R8 268,00
7 250 kg7 500 kgR8 820,00R8 718,00R8 718,00R306,00R8 754,00
7 500 kg8 000 kgR9 654,00R9 372,00R9 516,00R306,00R9 618,00
8 000 kg8 500 kgR10 860,00R10 272,00R10 644,00R306,00R10 770,00
8 500 kg9 000 kgR12 072,00R11 262,00R11 892,00R306,00R11 982,00
9 000 kg9 500 kgR13 200,00R12 210,00R13 044,00R324,00R13 248,00
9 500 kg10 000 kgR14 484,00R13 110,00R14 202,00R324,00R14 430,00
10 000 kg10 500 kgR16 254,00R14 358,00R16 086,00R324,00R15 960,00
10 500 kg11 000 kgR17 796,00R15 396,00R17,616,00R336,00R17 502,00
11 000 kg11 500 kgR19 386,00R16 566,00R19 236,00R336,00R19 080,00
11 500 kg12 000 kgR21 030,00R17 538,00R20 850,00R336,00R20 700,00
Above 12 000 kg (for each additional 500 kg, or part thereof):+R2 070,00+R1 632,00+R2 040,00+R0,00+R2 040,00

* The rate for rigid vehicles applies to truck tractors not used for farming.

CaravansTractors on public roadSpecial**
Tractor trailerMotor cycleOther vehiclesTemporarySpecial
R180,00R270,00See aboveR114,00See above***R222,00***R756,00***R96,00***R96,00

**Tractors and tractor-trailers not used on the public roads, mobile farming, construction machinery, etc

Motor vehicle registration fee: R120,00                   

Application for motor trade plate number: R96,00

Vehicle License Renewal Online North West

If you have a mobile and use Whatsapp on it, then here is an easy way to renew your vehicle license in North West South Africa. Here is the process to renew your license by following these few steps on Whatsapp. 

  1. Go to the License Renewal website. 
  2. Open your Whatsapp app and scan the QR code you’ll see on that page. 
  3. You can also send a message with “Renew” on 44155. 
  4. You can also send a message at +27 66 202 6685. 
  5. After proceeding with any method, you’ve to provide the following information.
    A. registration number for the vehicle (car/truck/trailer).
    B. tare weight of the vehicle
    C. tell about the expiry date of the current vehicle 
  6. Once you provide all this information, the system will calculate the final amount of the fee by looking at the type of vehicle and its weight.

Once all these steps are complete. You’ll receive the final pay quote. Simply pay the fee and you’ll be redirected to your WhatsApp. Here provide the ID documents, driver’s license photo, and payment receipt photo in order to proceed to the final step. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, just wait for the vehicle license that you’ll receive at the doorstep. 

People also ask

How much to renew the license disc at the post office?

The disc renewal fee is R250 (including VAT) and R100 is home delivery charges. However, the price can vary on the location of the post office and its rules.

What does the vehicle license renewal cost in 2022 in South Africa?

The vehicle license renewal cost for 2022 in South Africa is R216,00 for a 250 kg vehicle and R396,00 for a 1000 kg vehicle. However, vehicle types and weight can affect the price,


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