Vehicle Licence Renewal Fees Limpopo In 2022

The Limpopo government increased the vehicle license renewal fees in Limpopo, and the prices of all vehicles saw an increase of between 10% and 20%. The Fee for Vehicle Licence Renewal in Limpopo is determined by the valuer-general. 

Some of you are simply tired of renewing your vehicle license, so you want to know how much it is going to cost you. Well, this article is here to help and provide you with the necessary information about the latest vehicles license renewal fees for Limpopo province.

Limpopo vehicle license renewals fees are clearly stated on the official government website, but you’ll find it hard to find a “one-stop-shop” for all the required information. Below is a summary of vehicle license renewals fees as announced by the Limpopo Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

Vehicle License Renewals Fees Mpumalanga

Nowadays you have to renew your vehicle license every year, to keep it valid. When the model of the vehicle changes, you will have to pay the full amount in Simcoe county Ontario. When you renew your car, or when you put plates from another vehicle on your car, the cost will be higher.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has announced the vehicle license renewal fees for Limpopo. In an announcement, the RTMC said that motorists should start organizing their vehicle’s license renewal as soon as possible because the process takes time and money.

Vehicle license renewals fees to be increased in the six local municipalities of the Limpopo province. Residents are unhappy with the decision, as they fear that they will lose their driving license if they fail to renew their vehicle registration at the new costs. Tokens were introduced as an alternative to paying cash during registration and licensing processes. They later became the only method to pay for transactions at many toll roads and car dealerships across South Africa.

Free State Vehicle Licence Renewals Fees

Vehicle Licence Renewals Fees In Limpopo

Vehicle license fees are structured in such a way that one vehicle may cost you different amounts than another. This is dependent on the age of the vehicle, where it was bought from, which type it is, etc.

whether used for
farming or not
Tractors used on a public roadTrailers and
 250 kgR234,00R930,00R234,00R186,00R234,00
250 kg500 kgR282,00R930,00R282,00R186,00R282,00
500 kg750 kgR294,00R930,00R294,00R186,00R294,00
750 kg1 000 kgR372,00R930,00R372,00R186,00R372,00
1 000 kg1 250 kgR402,00R930,00R402,00R186,00R402,00
1 250 kg1 500 kgR528,00R930,00R528,00R186,00R528,00
1 500 kg1 750 kgR606,00R930,00R606,00R186,00R606,00
1 750 kg2 000 kgR744,00R930,00R744,00R186,00R744,00
2 000 kg2 250 kgR1 038,00R1 038,00R1 086,00R186,00R1 086,00
2 250 kg2 500 kgR1 086,00R1 044,00R1 086,00R186,00R1 086,00
2 500 kg2 750 kgR1 224,00R1 176,00R1 224,00R186,00R1 224,00
2 750 kg3 000 kgR1 500,00R1 440,00R1 500,00R186,00R1 500,00
3 000 kg3 250 kgR1 644,00R1 572,00R1 644,00R186,00R1 644,00
3 250 kg3 500 kgR1 860,00R1 782,00R1 860,00R186,00R1 860,00
3 500 kg3 750 kgR2 124,00R2 034,00R2 124,00R186,00R2 124,00
3 750 kg4 000 kgR2 388,00R2 286,00R2 388,00R186,00R2 388,00
4 000 kg4 250 kgR2 616,00R2 010,00R2 616,00R186,00R2 616,00
4 250 kg4 500 kgR2 880,00R2 760,00R2 880,00R186,00R2 880,00
4 500 kg4 750 kgR3 132,00R3 000,00R3 132,00R186,00R3 132,00
4 750 kg5 000 kgR3 252,00R3 114,00R3 252,00R186,00R3 252,00
5 000 kg5 250 kgR4 956,00R4 746,00R4 956,00R186,00R4 956,00
5 250 kg5 500 kgR5 532,00R5 292,00R5 532,00R186,00R5 532,00
5 500 kg5 750 kgR6 090,00R5 826,00R6 090,00R186,00R6 090,00
5 750 kg6 000 kgR6 504,00R6 228,00R6 504,00R186,00R6 504,00
6 000 kg6 250 kgR7 140,00R6 834,00R7 140,00R186,00R7 140,00
6 250 kg6 500 kgR7 698,00R7 368,00R7 698,00R186,00R7 698,00
6 500 kg6 750 kgR8 286,00R7 932,00R8 286,00R186,00R8 286,00
6 750 kg7 000 kgR9 156,00R8 772,00R9 156,00R186,00R9 156,00
7 000 kg7 250 kgR9 420,00R9 018,00R9 420,00R186,00R9 420,00
7 250 kg7 500 kgR10 020,00R9 594,00R10 020,00R186,00R10 020,00
7 500 kg8 000 kgR11 046,00R10 572,00R11 046,00R186,00R11 046,00
8 000 kg8 500 kgR12 348,00R11 820,00R12 348,00R186,00R12 348,00
8 500 kg9 000 kgR13 770,00R13 182,00R13 770,00R186,00R13 770,00
9 000 kg9 500 kgR15 180,00R14 532,00R15 180,00R186,00R15 180,00
9 500 kg10 000 kgR16 608,00R15 894,00R16 542,00R186,00R16 542,00
10 000 kg10 500 kgR18 342,00R17 556,00R18 342,00R186,00R18 342,00
10 500 kg11 000 kgR20 154,00R19 290,00R20 154,00R186,00R20 154,00
11 000 kg11 500 kgR21 918,00R20 982,00R21 918,00R186,00R21 918,00
11 500 kg12 000 kgR23 856,00R22 830,00R23 856,00R186,00R23 856,00
Above 12 000 kg (for each additional
500 kg, or part thereof):
+R2 046,00+R1 944,00+R2 028,00+R0,00+R2 028,00
CaravansTractors on the public roadSpecial**
Tractor-trailerMotor cycleOther vehiclesTemporarySpecial
R210,00R354,00See aboveR168,00See trailers***R212,00***R675,00***R119,00***R106,00

**Tractors and tractor-trailers not used on public roads, mobile farming, construction machinery, etc

Motor vehicle registration fee: R168,00 Application for motor trade plate number: ***R110,00

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