How Do I Check My SASSA SRD Status September 2022?

Anyone who’s willing to check their SASSA SRD R350 application status can use this link In case that doesn’t work out for you, you can visit their official website at SRD R350

A Process on How to Check my SASSA SRD Status 

  • On their website scroll down, and click on the label that requests you to check the status of your application. The next process will be to input your ID number and your telephone number, which were used when applying for the Sassa SRD. 
  • Submit your details and be patient as the page loads.
  • From the status page, you will be able to see if your application is active starting with this month or the current month. Your previous active months will also be included. 
  • If you want to check your application’s status for the previous months then click on any of the months you’d want to check. Here you will be able to see which particular months are declined, approved, or pending. 
  • If your application status is approved then check its payment date. This is when the bank or merchant account is supposed to be credited. If you are using bank accounts, you will get an alert and the bank will be credited with the grant. 
  • If you’re using post payments, you will wait for the grant by using the last 3 digits of your ID number. With the new update, post offices aren’t taking grant R350 SRD payments anymore. 
  • In case your status is still pending, you will have to be patient until Sassa reviews your application and makes the decision to qualify your application. 
  • In case your application has been declined, there are many reasons why it might have been declined. It will be highlighted vividly why your application has been declined in the decline reason sector. 

An applicant that feels his/her application has been unduly declined can therefore appeal for reconsideration within the next 30 days from when the application was declined. 

Reasons Why My SASSA SRD R350 Application can be Declined

  1. If you are a debtor
  2. Failed identity verification
  3. Registered UIF or NSFAS
  4. Identified alternate income source

All of these declined reasons can be appealed apart from the debtor. 

  • To do this you will need to reach out to the SASSA call center. They have a free toll number 0800601011. Before making this call ensure that you have your ID number and phone number used when registering on SASSA. 
  • Give it some time until an active attending staff responds. Proceed on by choosing what language you’d like to use. As the attending staff is helping you out, be sure to be grateful by using some the words like thank you, excuse me, and so on…
  • However, from what we’ve learned, there’s no specific way how one would check their status.

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