Why is My SASSA Reconsideration Still Pending?

There are plenty of reasons why one’s application reconsideration can be left pending for a long time or a short period. Most of the time the applicants are left with not much consideration for their application to be approved, pending, or denied depending on the size of their application. 

Most of these applicants get their reconsideration applications reversed at an earlier decision due to the previously set message by SRD R350. 

You are required to apply for reconsideration within the set time frame. SASSA will therefore forfeit your application if your application no appeal was made within the stipulated time frame. 

SASSA reconsideration takes quite a long time to be approved. There are countable reasons why your SASSA reconsideration is on hold. 

When there is a pending SASSA reconsideration, it means that many beneficiaries that have submitted an application haven’t yet been approved. 

pending SASSA reconsideration

Therefore their applications and information details need to be thoroughly reviewed and screened before being approved. 

SASSA’s independent tribunal takes us back to an earlier stage before working on declining an applicant’s reconsideration. Of late SASSA has been receiving a large number of applicants making it tough to make decisions on whether to decline or approve a reconsideration. 

This however highlights why many applicants’ submissions of Sassa reconsideration and appeal are turned over within a short period of time. One is recommended to apply for their reconsideration at an earlier stage or within the scheduled time frame. 

Failure to apply and appeal for your reconsideration will lead to your earlier decisions standing still and however making it lead to a forfeiture of your SRD grant.

With the high rate of the declined list of applicants for Sassa reconsideration, one has to acknowledge that with Sassa’s new R350 threshold, there are requirements needed for you to qualify to get a grant. 

It has been reviewed that many applications for these reconsiderations are declined, meaning that many applicants will be required to apply and appeal for reconsideration. It indicates that a lot of time will be required to investigate and evaluate the declined applications. 

A petition has been placed on change.org sponsored by Melanie on the removal of Minister Zulu Lindiwe for declining to make grants on SRD R350 easily accessible and available. It has been noted that applicants are going through a lot when applying for a SASSA reconsideration.

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