Sassa R350 Grant Post Office NOT Selected – What does it mean?

When checking the status, some applicants have voiced concern that “not selected” has been placed as their SRD R350 grant application status.

In this way, SASSA allows applicants to choose a post office location so they can be paid at that post office, which is especially useful for individuals who prefer to collect their grants from the Post Office.

As a result, applicants can select the SAPO location for ease and collection on the official website of the reestablished SRD R350 award.

If you do not specify a location, you may collect your grants from any SAPO branch of your choosing. The message “post office not selected” will appear if you do not specify a specific place.

Selecting your Preferred SAPO Branch for Outstanding SRD R350 Grant Payments

  • Please follow this link Selection of Post Offices.
  • Enter the 13-digit ID number and the 10-digit phone number used to apply.
  • Click the “Send Pin” button on the right.
  • SASSA will send a pin code to the phone number provided and enter the pin code received on the current page.
  • And then press the submit button.
  • Select your favourite post office location in a specific Province and follow the instructions on the website.

That will be your default post office where you will pick up your grant. If you do not change to a particular post office and no post office is picked, you can collect your award at any post office of your choice.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

How do I choose a post office for the SASSA R350 grant?

According to the Post Office: Connect to and respond to the security SMS on your phone. After that, you can include merchants in your application and resubmit it. Beneficiaries must also have their cellphone number to get their subsidies at stores.

Can I still get my R350 at the post office?

Sassa has stated that R350 Social Relief of Distress grant applicants will no longer be able to receive grant payments from the South African Post Office. The spokesperson for Sassa has explained why R350 grants are no longer accessible at Post Offices.

How do I change my SASSA payment to the post office?

Beneficiaries can change the payment method from cash sent to the Post Office to a personal bank account by going to: and then clicking on “How can I alter my banking details.”

Why is my SRD approved but no pay date?

“If your Sassa grant is authorized, but no pay date has been given, it signifies that payment has not yet been processed, but it will be soon completed,” Sassa added. According to SASSA sources, they are attempting to tackle the situation within their means because they are well aware of it.

Can I collect my R350 without an SMS?

The grant is not yet ready for collection if there is no SMS. This SMS would notify the recipient that their SRD award is ready for collection. They can then go to their local Checkers, PicknPay, or Boxer store to pick up their grant.

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