Sassa February 2022 Payment Dates

The South African Post Office has announced the pay dates for SRD beneficiaries who collect their R350 grant from their local Post Office.

The period from Thursday, 3 February 2022, to Tuesday, 8 February 2022, is set aside to pay old age, disability, and child grants.

The remainder of the month is devoted to distributing R350 SRD grants.

Sassa February 2022 Payment Dates
  • Mondays: Beneficiaries with ID numbers beginning with 082 or 087
  • Tuesdays: ID numbers starting with 083 or 088.
  • Wednesdays: ID numbers beginning with 084 or 089
  • Thursdays: ID numbers starting with 080 or 085.
  • Fridays: ID numbers beginning with 081 or 086.

The dates are regularly posted on the Post Office’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. @PostOfficeSA is the handle.

Beneficiaries are urged to wait until they get an SMS verifying the availability of their award before visiting their local post office.

Beneficiaries who used their phones to apply for only one SRD grant can pick it up at any Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer supermarket. If a phone was used to apply for multiple appointments, it could only be picked up at a Post Office. This does not apply to recipients who decided to receive their award through a bank account.

SRD awards are available until March 31, 2022. Beneficiaries who have not yet gotten their grants, on the other hand, need not be anxious. To ensure that all outstanding commissions are paid, payments will be made through Post Office branches at least until June 2022.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

When does the SASSA grant payout?

Permanent grants will begin to be distributed on the second day of each new month. The funding will be broadcast on the next working day if the second day is a weekend or a public holiday. This is the case for the upcoming month, with payments beginning on Monday, July 4th.

How much is the SASSA disability grant 2022?

The Disability Grant will rise by 5.3%, from R1,890 to R1,980 in April and R1,990 in October. The War Veterans Grant will increase from R1,910 to R2,000 in April and R2,010 in October (an increase of 5.2%).

Why is my SASSA approved but no payday?

“If your Sassa grant is authorized, but no pay date has been given, it signifies that payment has not yet been processed but will be soon.” According to SASSA sources, they are attempting to tackle the situation within their means because they are well aware of it.

Will SASSA increase in 2022?

The National Treasury noted in the 2022 Budget Review that the total number of grant recipients in the country would increase by an average of 1.5%. This indicates that the number of people receiving grants will rise from 18.4 million in 2021/2022 to 19.2 million in 2024/25.

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