How to Renew Driver’s License in South Africa Offline?

If you are in South Africa, and you have a driver’s license that is out of date or expired, you may be interested to know that you can go to one of your local post offices to get it renewed. Most of the time, driving with an expired license will land you with a fine if you are caught by traffic cops (which is easy to do, because they usually lie in wait in parking lots and driveways). So make sure that your license is up to date before venturing out into the wilds of South Africa!

How to Renew Driving License Offline in South Africa?

In this article, I will explain how to renew a driving license offline in South Africa? For those in other Provinces such as Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Renew Driving License offline?


Go to your provincial traffic department.

Step 2

You will need the following documents:

• Application for a Licence (Form DL1A) – available at the traffic department.

• Identity document with the correct address on it, or proof of a change of address.

• Your old driver’s license card. If lost, you’ll need an affidavit stating that it was lost or stolen; if you don’t have your old license card, you’ll need to complete an application form to replace a lost/stolen card (Form DL1).

Medical certificate (Form DI113) if you are 65 years or older.

Before you go to the license center, make sure you have all these documents with you! You need to take an eye test, so don’t forget your glasses (if you wear them). Also, the office will have an eye test machine, but it’s better if you have your own just in case they run out of the machine or if it’s broken.

Once you’ve arrived at the driving license center, go through the line and get your number. Make sure when they call your number that it’s a number that says “Driving License” so that they can help you complete this process.


Pay the license renewal fee at the cashier’s office. There is no charge for renewing your professional driving permit (PDP). You can pay by credit or debit card, or by cash. Remember to bring along your identity document and current driver’s license card!

Final Words

The renewal of your license is made simpler by the policies of South Africa. The service that is required to do this can be found at the garages, which sometimes promote a special deal for adults who have renewed their licenses for more than 10 years. For minors, it is best to first fully understand documents and pay the fine amount.

If successfully renewing your driver’s license is any indication of SA government efficiency and service delivery, then the people of South Africa have not been receiving the best that the government can offer. I hope this article was able to save you some time, money, and stress with regards to renewing your Drivers license in South Africa.

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