How to Register Vehicle Built up from Parts in South Africa?

If you have a vehicle that you’ve built up from parts, you can apply for registration of the vehicle at any Licensing Department. The application process is fairly straightforward.

Registration of a Vehicle Built up from Parts in South Africa

If you are trying to register a vehicle that you built using parts you acquired from various places, you will need to have the following documents ready:

  • A completed application form RLV
  • Your RSA identity document (if you are a local resident) or an identity document issued by a foreign country (if you are not a permanent resident of the Republic) or a traffic register number certificate
  • A certificate of incorporation or name change as issued in terms of the Companies Act if the vehicle is to be registered to a company
  • A founding statement or a certificate of name change issued in terms of the Close Corporations Act if the vehicle is to be registered to a close corporation
  • An affidavit on form SOA, states the parts used and the people from whom such parts were acquired. You must attach the receipts of your purchases or donations of such parts to this form.
  • If a motor vehicle has been built up from parts that were once used to make a motor vehicle that has become permanently unfit for use, the deregistration certificate from that first motor vehicle, or an affidavit containing evidence of the fact that the first motor vehicle was permanently unfit for use.

Procedure for Registration of Vehicle from Built up from Parts in South Africa

The following steps will help you get your vehicle inspected and registered:

1. Contact your local registering authority for the contact details of a facility that offers this service.

2. Complete the application form

3. Obtain a South African Police Service clearance after your registering authority has issued you with a referral. After the referral has been issued, the registration certificate of the vehicle has to be presented to SAPS in order for the process to be initiated.

4. Submit an affidavit containing all relevant information regarding your new vehicle and its components. If any parts were imported, including proof of purchase and/or importation document(s).

5. The registering authority will perform an assessment of your application, and if acceptable, issue you with an invoice for payment of prescribed fees by the province.

6. Pay registration fee at bank/post office or online via eNatis system (if available).

More Requirements for Registration of a Motor Vehicle Built up from Parts

The most important question is which things are required for registration of a motor vehicle built up from parts in RSA? The requirements for registration of a motor vehicle built up from parts are as follows:

1. Proof of ownership of the parts.

2. Proof of ownership of the chassis or monocoque, including the date it was manufactured and the date of the last registration.

3. Proof that the vehicle has been inspected by a certified mechanic and that it is in good working order.

4. Certification by two state-approved examiners that all parts except those used for identification purposes (such as license plates) are new or have been fully reconditioned, and that all parts have been properly reassembled and installed so as to ensure safe operation.


Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the process of registering a vehicle built up from parts will differ from province to province. The above information is presented with the assumption that your vehicle has been legally registered in another province. While some of these steps may be unnecessary for many applicants, depending on their situation, some applicants may have several additional forms to complete. 

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