What is a Postbank Virtual Card?

Post Banks virtual card is one of the payment methods available, along with Post Office, Cash Send, or Ewallet (presently unavailable) and personal bank account. Some applicants had questions about how to use this service to obtain their SRD R350 award payments.

During the application process, candidates were given the option of selecting a payment method for the SRD R350 grants.

Although it is unclear whether it is still available for payments, based on the information acquired, this option was designed to allow approved applicants to utilize their post-bank account digitally to receive payments.

If an applicant selects the virtual card, Post Bank opens a new account in the applicant’s name and links it to the applicant’s phone number and ID number, allowing the applicant to withdraw his R350 from any Post Bank ATM.

SASSA and the Post Office have arranged for eligible applicants to pick up their funds from Boxer or P & P outlets across the country. You simply bring your ID card or Smart card, as well as the phone number used to apply, to any nearby Boxer or P & P shop, and the process is initiated on your phone. Fill out the onscreen prompts.

Postbank bank virtual card for SASSA srd r350 grant

If you opt to collect your awards using this payment method, there are no charges or fees.

However, bank account payment remains the most convenient method of receiving SASSA SRD R350 award instalments. It is evident when you look at the lines at various post offices across the country. Those who choose to collect their grants via the Post Office claim they must pay R50 to post office authorities for them to be paid.

SASSA has recently encouraged applicants to use their bank account for SRD R350 collections, insisting they cannot use someone else’s bank account.

Because the given bank account information must be confirmed and verified, as a result, the names on your ID card must match the names on your bank account.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

How do I access my Postbank virtual card?

Post Bank opens a new account in the applicant’s name if an application selects the virtual card. It links it to the applicant’s phone number and ID number, allowing him to withdraw his R350 from any Post Bank ATM.

What is the Postbank virtual card option?

Customers can use the Postbank card to pay for any online merchant that accepts MasterCard worldwide. The virtual card enables online transactions such as shopping, booking hotels and flights, and provides credit card characteristics.

Can I withdraw money with the virtual card?

Can the virtual card be used at ATMs? You certainly can! The virtual card allows for cardless ATM access and money withdrawals from ATMs. However, ATM operators may impose a fee for withdrawals.

How do I withdraw money from my virtual card?

Is it possible to obtain cash using a Visa Virtual Credit Card? Because there is no card, you cannot withdraw money from a Visa virtual credit card at an ATM. However, you may generally perform a transaction at your bank that allows you to move funds into your account and withdraw them.

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