Penalty for Expired Car License South Africa – [LATEST 2022]

What is the penalty for an expired car license in South Africa? If the car license is expired and the vehicle owner doesn’t renew it, they have to pay 10% penalty fees per month until they don’t renew the vehicle license. In addition, the Traffic officials have the authority to fine the erroneous up to R1000 if caught with an expired license disc. 

The Traffic Department of South Africa has announced that every individual is responsible for renewing their car licenses within time. Those who show non-seriousness will have to face legal punishment in case of an extra fine. However, if someone continues this kind of issue their driving license can be ceased permanently. 

Expired car license penalty in South Africa

Many people are worried about their car license expiry date, and they have to be. Otherwise, they have to pay some extra cost or any other penalty that may ban their driving license permanently. 

However, for public convenience, the Ministry of Transportation has introduced a grace period of 21 days. That means you have 21 extra days to renew your license without charges if your license is expired. 

What is the penalty?

As long as the 22nd day starts without renewing your driving license, a penalty of 10% renewal fee per month will apply to your license. That means if your car license fee is R1000 and you don’t renew it for the next three months, you’ll be charged R300 extra for late renewing. 

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People also ask

When does a South African license expire?

South African driver’s license expires in five years. Before 2020, every candidate had to renew their car license every year. But now the time is increased up to 5 years. 

Can you drive in South Africa with an expired license?

No, you can not drive with an expired car license in South Africa. If caught while driving with an expired license, you’ll have to face a legal penalty, your license can be ceased permanently, or you can be fined up to R1000. 

What is the penalty for an expired license disc in South Africa?

R500-R1000 is the penalty for an expired license disc in South Africa. If caught frequently driving with an expired license disc you may end on a permanent driving ban. 

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South African traffic police always ensure that all vehicle drivers are legal to drive. This means, ultimately it’s for our safety that all the drivers are officially allowed to drive. 

In a nutshell, if your driving license expires you’ll get 4 weeks of grace time. After that, you’ll have to renew it, at the same time if you don’t, you’ll be charged 1/10 of the actual renewal fee.

Finally, I’d suggest you renew your vehicle license in South Africa before 3-4 weeks of the expiry date. You can check your vehicle license status online through

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