KZN Motor Vehicle Licence Fees 2022

The KZN motor vehicle licence fees 2022 have changed for several courtesies, so knowing what you’ll have to pay ahead of time can help you budget.

What are the KZN motor vehicle licence fees in 2022? R372 is the license fee for motor vehicles under 1000 kilograms, and R1092 is the fee for vehicles over 2500 kilograms. However, the license fees can increase and decrease depending on the tare weight of the vehicle. 

You might have observed that the vehicle license fees are increased than earlier. This is because of the increasing number of accidents on our roads, and the cost associated with processing and managing these accidents. The Provincial Department of Transport also requires additional revenue to improve and maintain the province’s road infrastructure.

List of KwaZulu Natal Motor Vehicle Licence Fees 2022

Vehicle TypeTare Weight License Fee
Vehicle registration fee0-250 kgR135
Motorcycle license fee250-500 kgR372
Sport utility vehicles500-750 kgR252
Sport Utility Vehicles750-1000 kgR300
Sport utility vehicles1000-1250 kgR372
Sport utility vehicles1250-1500 kgR456
Sport utility vehicles1500-1750 kgR516
Sport utility vehicles1750-2000 kgR648
Sport utility vehicles2000-2250 kgR780
Sport utility vehicles2250-2500 kgR912
Sport utility vehicles2500-2750 kgR1092
Specially classified motor vehicleR348

Notice: The license fee may vary depending on other conditions set by the traffic authorities. 

Licensing fees for motor vehicles are important to know because fees can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. So it’s important to be aware of the fee that will apply in the location where you’ll be operating your vehicle. Typically, the licensing fees are generally based on the type of vehicle being licensed, so it’s important to know what category your vehicle falls into. 

Some traffic laws offer discounts or exemptions from licensing fees for certain types of vehicles or owners. So it’s worth investigating whether you might be eligible for any such program.

Why do I pay KZN motor vehicle licence fees?

The fee helps to cover the costs of maintaining and building roads, as well as other infrastructure that is needed to support vehicle traffic. It’s also used to help fund public transportation systems.

In some cases, the fees may also be used to help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. For example, in South Africa, a portion of the motor vehicle licensing fees is set aside for funding programs that promote electric vehicles and alternative fuel sources.

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People also ask

How do they calculate the cost of a vehicle license?

There are a few factors that go into calculating the cost of a vehicle license. One is the weight of the vehicle. Heavier vehicles generally cost more to license because they cause more wear and tear on roadways. The type, size, make, and model of the vehicle also change the actual license fee. 

What is the car license fee for 2022 KZN?

The car license fee in KZN is around R516 for vehicles with 1000-1500 kg in weight. However, the final fee can vary depending on multiple factors.

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