How to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card?

SASSA CARD is a South African electronic debit card. Without needing a physical card, you can use this card to withdraw cash from any bank or post office branch. This is a crucial element for tourists. It enables you to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for the hotel, restaurant, and retail services.

SASSA Card for Grant Payments

Some recipients want to know if they can withdraw their SASSA funds without using their cards. Those who get SASSA grants monthly, such as Old Age Pension awards, Child Support grants, Disability grants, and so on, are granted a SASSA card through the Post Office (Post-Bank of SouthAfrica). The applicant can withdraw money from ATMs at partner banks or retailers to pay for products and services.

Because the money is held on the card, there can be no withdrawals or payments unless the SASSA card is physically present. Payments can be made using the card at some local shops.

SASSA SRD Payments at ATM without a Card

Since the resumption of SASSA SRD R350 award payments, Cash Send or Ewallet has been one of the payment methods or options made accessible by SASSA. In this case, authorized candidates can withdraw their award from a partner bank’s ATM without using an ATM card. The candidate will only need the mobile phone number used to apply. The applicant’s phone number must be RICA’d or registered. This is to aid in verification since SASSA wishes to ensure qualifying applicants receive grants in the correct and verified accounts, whether a bank or Ewallet.

However, SASSA faced difficulty when they asked for National Treasury clearance for procurement that would allow banks’ ATMs to be utilized to collect SRD R350 awards for a minimum cost. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Along the way, SASSA requested those affected to either provide their preferred personal bank account data or be automatically transferred to the default payment, which was the post office.

This resulted in a payment delay for Cash Send users who had been accepted for several months with no pay dates pending payment method verification. If you use Ewallet or Cash Send and have not yet provided your bank account information, you should expect to get paid at the post office. Post office payments are only made to people assigned payment dates. They created a mechanism in which payments are made with the last three digits of the applicant’s ID number. This page posts the post office payment dates for each month, with the most recent being the January payment schedule.


So, if you misplaced your card, you can withdraw your Sassa SRD payment without an ATM card by following the steps outlined above. We explain how to withdraw your Sassa payment without using an ATM card.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Can I withdraw my SASSA money without a Card?

SASSA SRD Payments without a Card at an ATM
In this case, authorized candidates can withdraw their award from a partner bank’s ATM without using an ATM card. The candidate will only need the mobile phone number used to apply.

How can I withdraw money without my card?

One of the most innovative and simple ways to withdraw cash without an ATM card is to utilize your bank’s mobile banking app to withdraw money from an ATM using a generated barcode, which means all you’ll need is your smartphone, a bank account, and your bank’s mobile app if it’s available.

What do I need to replace my lost SASSA card?

If your SASSA card is lost or stolen, call the helpline at 0800 600 160 right away to STOP the card. Then, go to the nearest police station and fill out an affidavit describing how the card was lost or stolen. When requesting a replacement card, the police must sign the affidavit, which must then be provided to SASSA.

How long does it take to replace a SASSA card?

Nationally, around 600,000 Sassa beneficiaries have not yet switched to the new gold card. It is straightforward to obtain a new gold card. Visit any Post Office location, produce an identity document, and your new card will be issued within minutes.

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