How to Renew Your Driving License in South Africa?

Has your driving license expired? And you want to renew your driving license in South Africa. Then here you will find the easiest method of How to renew a driving license in South Africa? 

“During the grace period commencing 26 March 2020 and ending 31 August 2021, all learner’s licenses, driving license cards, temporary driving licenses, and professional driving permits that expire during this period are considered to be valid and their validity periods are extended for a further grace period until 31 March 2022.”

Can I Renew My Driving License at the Post Office?

Renewal of your Driver’s License

Driving license cards must be renewed four weeks before their expiry date. 

  • While you are waiting for your driving license to be issued, you will have to apply for a temporary driving license while you wait for your renewal.
  • Renewal of your driving license does not require you to take a driving test. 
  • Your eyes will be tested, as well as your fingerprints. A licensed optometrist can conduct an eye examination and forward the report to the driving license testing center (DLTC). 
  • The conditions on your license will change if your vision has deteriorated since it was issued.

How do I Apply for a Driver’s License?

Step-by-Step Guide on Procedure of Renewal of Driving license?

Please take the following items to your nearest DLTC:

  • A valid South African passport and a copy of your ID or old South African driving license
  • (Ask the DLTC how many photographs they require before you have your ID photos taken)
  • A utility account that proves your residential address. You must attach the utility bill to the affidavit made by the bill owner if the bill is not in your name. The utility bill must be attached to the affidavit if the utility bill is not in your name. 
  • A letter from a ward councilor confirming your residential address is necessary if you reside in an informal settlement
  • Application fees are prescribed by the government.
  • The renewal should be applied for online by all Gauteng residents. 
  • To renew your driving license, complete form DL1.
  • The notification of change of address or details of a person or organization (NCP) must be completed.
  • Your eye examination will be done at the DLTC, or you can do it at an optometrist of your choice.

How do I Know if My DL is Ready for Collection?

How Much Time is Required for the Renewal of a Driving License in South Africa?

It will take approximately four to six weeks for the new license to be issued. Within six weeks you will receive your new license. 

Fees for Renewal of Driving License in South Africa? 

No, the proper fee is mentioned anywhere. To find out how much it will cost, contact your local licensing office.

Final Words

Renewal of Driving License just needs a filled application, a fee for renewal, and required information to fill the application. You must renew your driving license four weeks before its expiration date. 

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