How to Renew Your Driver’s License Online in South Africa?

Before four weeks of your DL expiry, you must go for the renewal process.

Otherwise, you’ll have to apply for a temporary DL while waiting for the renewal one that costs additionally. Hence, renewing on time (at least four weeks of its expiry) will prevent extra charges and penalties. Here, we took an easy way of online booking for the renewal of your DL.

So, keep on scrolling and get a detailed review of it. Assuredly, visiting the nearest DLTC in RSA is the best and more reliable way, but here we go with the online booking method, so trust me, it becomes super easiest to renew DL online.

License renewal costs and fees for 2022 in South Africa?

Required Documents for Driving License Renewal

  • Valid account on NATIS or e-Service Portal (RSA)
  • Your Identity Document or Card
  • Provide your Fingerprint status
  • Upload your Passport size photo on account
  • Your residential address proof
  • Prescribed Renewal fee 
  • Passing eye test 

After making sure that you are fulfilling all the prerequisites for the renewal, now go for online booking with any of the following methods that suit you.

Method 1- Renew Your DL online via NATIS (booking)

Steps are;

Step 1: Open the official NATIS Website

Step 2: Press the “Renew Driver’s License” tab

Complete the Application form “DL1” for your driver’s license renewal in any of the following ways depending on your suitability.

Enter “Renewal Code” and click on “Apply.”

Review the auto-fill form by clicking on the “View Application” button

Here check your

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • License ID

After reviewing it, click on “Save Detail” to proceed.

Secondly, if you hold a letter number irrespective of the Renewal Code, install Online Code Generator from the Playstore for auto-filling application. After filling out your form via an online code generator, go for a review to check that added information is correct and valid.

Step 3: After reviewing the application, press the “Apply” button for submission

Step 4: Press the “Track Application” option to track the progress

Step 5: Pay the prescribed fee on the application form using your registered bank account.

Method 2- Renew Your DL Online via e-Services Portal

The second handy way of booking online DL renewal is via the e-services portal.

Steps are;

Step 1: Open the e-services (official-website)

Step 2: Go for registration by pressing the “Register” tab if you are new on the e-services portal.

If you hold an account, then directly log in to it.

Step 3: A new tab opens after the registration process. The system asks you to fill in the required information and upload essential documents, including Fingerprint status and your passport size picture. 

Step 4: Pay the renewal fee of DL online via your debit or credit card; it’s totally up to you.

Note: The application’s processing time is around three working days for newly signup or registered to the e-services website and 2 for those already registered to it.

Final Words

You can go for online booking via NATIS to renew your driver’s license in South Africa with ease. Required documents for the Renewal of DL and things to consider while applying online are all we covered in this helpful guide. So, expectantly, it’s become superbly easy to apply for an online Driver’s license after reading this guide thoroughly.

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