How To Renew Motor Vehicle Licence Through FNB Bank App?

A motor vehicle license is an important part of owning and operating a vehicle. A license provides the legal permission to operate a motorized vehicle generated by governing authorities after fulfilling the legal requirements. A license may be required by one or more levels of government, usually at the national, state, provincial, or local levels.

If you have a bank account at First National Bank (FNB) – the oldest bank in South Africa, established in 1838 – then you have access to using the FNB mobile app. This app makes life easier by allowing you to do things like pay bills and request loans, among other services. In this article, you will learn how to renew your motor vehicle license through the FNB bank app?. It really is a very simple process and you don’t need to make a trip to the branch.

How To Renew Motor Vehicle Licence Through FNB Bank?

You can renew your vehicle license through the FNB Banking App by following these simple steps:

1. In the FNB Banking App, go to “More” on the bottom menu bar and select “My Vehicles”

2. From there, select “Renew Vehicle License” from the menu and click “Get Started.”

3. Select the vehicle you want to renew the license for and click “Next.”

How To Renew Motor Vehicle Licence Through FNB Bank?

4. Select your vehicle’s province and click “Next.”

5. Your current license details are displayed along with a list of vehicles that need their licenses renewed. To continue renewal, tap on the vehicle you’d like to renew and click “Next.”

6. Verify your personal details and click “Next.”

7. Check the amount you have to pay and then click “Confirm.”

8. Select payment method and click “Confirm.”

How To Renew Motor Vehicle Licence Through FNB Bank?


FNB bank is a very popular banking service in South Africa. FNB offers an easy motor vehicle license renewal facility to its clients. This is a short and straightforward article, which contains information about how to renew a motor vehicle license with FNB bank.

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