How to Access the Natis Online Portal?

Natis online system is systematized by the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) of South Africa; it facilitates the citizens by providing a variety of online registration and booking services. A person can access the Natis Online Portal by visiting for getting instant answers to his queries. 

Besides, a person couldn’t need to visit any center as all the work is done by just sitting at home. So let’s come to the detailed review and get a simple way of registering yourself on Natis.

So, how to Access the Natis Online Portal? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Natis website.
  2. Press the “Register” button.
  3. Select identity and press “Next”.
  4. Complete the information form, and press “Register”.
  5. After data verification, activate your account.
  6. After activation, you can access your account.

How to Register on Natis?   

  • Go to the official Natis website by clicking on its link
  • Natis official website opens; now press the “Register” button at the top of the Menu bar.
  • Then, select your identity and press the “Next” button to continue the process.
  • After completing the information form, press the “Register” button. Your added info will be sent to the RTMC of South Africa for further verification.
  • After data verification, a link is received to you; click on it to activate your account.
Identify Driver - Access the Natis Online Portal
  • After activation, log in to this account using the temporary password and username sent to you via SMS or email.
  • On login, the system will let you change the password you want.

How to log in to Natis if you’re an existing user of this portal?

If you are an existing user of this portal, then by simply login you can access this website by the following steps;

Step 1

Go to the official Natis website by clicking on its link

Step 2

Choose the “Login” option instead of “Signup”

Step 3

Insert your details, such as “User Name” and “Password” in the respective boxes; then click on “Next” to access the account.

How to recover the Natis Account?

What to do if you forget the password and cannot open it? Mostly this query is asked by many customers. The answer is clear; give your email address to which you are registered on the Natis and return your account. Now, you can reset it. By pressing the forgot option displayed below the login page, you can do this.

How can you contact Natis directly?

If you aren’t accessing the Natis account or not properly facilitating from the Natis portal, you may go for the direct contact option.

Natis introduced this service to provide people with direct assistance and clarify them effectively.

You may contact their provided number; 0861 400 800, or via [email protected].


Natis online system is organized by the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) of South Africa; it facilitates South Africans in different online registration and booking. A person gets the advantage of many online services, such as booking of vehicle, renewal of license, permits of a license. 

So, it’s a beneficiary and reliable portal for South Africans to avail of various online services without visiting the center. However, you must know that only a person who holds a valid South African Identity is eligible to access this electronic portal. 


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