Vehicle Renewal Fees For Western Cape – Payment Methods

Vehicle renewal fees based on its tare type and weight vary from one province to another while living in the RSA. How much are the vehicle-renewal fees for Western Cape? The vehicle renewal fee in the Western Cape is R420.00 per year. However, a Sports Utility Vehicle with 2500kg-2750kg weight will cost you R1314 per year in Western Cape.

Caution: Once the vehicle license expired you’ll get a 21-day grace period. The purpose of this time is that you can renew your current license disc. The time starts just after the day when your vehicle license is expired. So be sure to renew the license within the time to avoid any penalty.

This post briefly illustrated renewal fees throughout the Western Cape in a table form. Besides, we’ll explain how you can go for the Vehicle renewal payment, so keep moving on and get the details on the Renewal Fees of various vehicles in the Western Cape.

Vehicle Renewal License Fee (Western Cape)

TareVehicle Type
ExceedingNot ExceedingRigid Vehicles*Semi-Trailers & TrailersTractors
0 kilogram250 kilogramR294,00R150,00R150,00
250 kilogram500 KilogramR312,00R186,00R150,00
500 kilogram750 kilogramR318,00R246,00R150,00
750 kilogram1000 kilogramR348,00R306,00R156,00
1000 kilogram1250 kilogramR420,00R414,00R156,00
1250 kilogram1500 kilogramR576,00R564,00R198,00
1500 kilogram1750 kilogramR642,00R630,00R198,00
1750 kilogram2000 kilogramR732,00R714,00R198,00
2000 kilogram2250 kilogramR1002,00R972,00R288,00
2250 kilogram2500 kilogramR1170,00R1128,00R288,00
2500 kilogram2750 kilogramR1314,00R1278,00R288,00
2750 kilogram3000 kilogramR1326,00R1290,00R288,00
3000 kilogram3250 kilogramR1650,00R1578,00R288,00
3250 kilogram3500 kilogramR1866,00R1782,00R288.00
3500 kilogram3750 kilogramR2274,00R2166,00R468,00
3750 kilogram4000 kilogramR2460,00R2352,00R468,00
4000 kilogram4250 kilogramR2736,00R2586,00R468,00
4250 kilogram4500 kilogramR2952,00R2796,00R468,00
4500 kilogram4750 kilogramR3162,00R2982,00R468,00
4750 kilogram5000 kilogramR3384,00R3192,00R468,00
5000 kilogram5250 kilogramR5166,00R4854,00R480,00
5250 kilogram5500 kilogramR5580,00R5214,00R480,00
5500 kilogram5750 kilogramR6066,00R5676,00R480,00
5750 kilogram6000 kilogramR6552,00R6132,00R480,00
6000 kilogram6250 kilogramR7110,00R6648,00R486,00
6250 kilogram6500 kilogramR7662,00R7164,00R486,00
6500 kilogram6750 kilogramR8226,00R7692,00R486,00
6750 kilogram7000 kilogramR9012,00R8424,00R486,00
7000 kilogram7250 kilogramR9390,00R8772,00R492,00
7250 kilogram7500 kilogramR9936,00R9288,00R492,00
7500 kilogram8000 kilogramR11070,00R10254,00R492,00

Other types of vehicles that aren’t fitted in Tare

Motor CyclesR204,00

3 Methods to Pay the Online Vehicle License Renewal Fee

You can use EFT, an Electronic Funds Transfer, to pay your vehicle license renewal fee online.

Method 1: South African e-service portal

1. Register yourself on the e-Service portal (by inserting your residency proof and ID copy to this official portal)

South African e-service portal -Vehicle Renewal fees for western cape

2: Press the “Vehicle Licensing Renewal” button (fill in the required info)

3: By using your bank account and allotted ref no., you can perform an easy deposit payment. 

However, keep in mind that this facility is only for vehicle licenses, and no other payment purpose is filled by it, such as traffic penalties.

Further, you can contact the team in the following ways for more detail.

Tel Phone: 0860 212 414

SMS: 079 769 1207

Email: [email protected]

Method 2: Renew Car License At The Post Office

In case you have limited time or simply don’t want to spend more time standing in lines to submit the fee and get your license, here is another solution. 

Instead of waiting for your turn in the local driver’s license testing center, it’s better to renew your car license directly from your Post Office in South Africa. By visiting the official website you can find the contact numbers of post offices in your concerning area. 

Notice: Please ensure that the transactions for MVL are closed 30 minutes before the office pack-up time. So, it’s necessary that you arrive within time at your post office branch. 

To download the renewal form click here: Vehicle Renewal Form

Fill out this form and send it to your related post office. In case you fail to find your closest Post Office location, call on this number for further details: 0860 111 502.

Method 3: Renew Car License Via FNB Bank App

If you’re an FNB customer then you might have a big advantage to renew your car license through FNB mobile app. Follow this process to start:

  1. Login to FNB mobile app. 
  2. Go to Car Nav if you have an existing profile, or Sign Up. 
  3. Scan the barcode on the License dick to register your car. 
  4. If you face any kind of issue in registering your car with a barcode, you can add license details manually. 
  5. Once the car is registered, the app will show all the details and you can pay the renewal fee with your account. 
  6. Once you complete the process successfully, you’ll get your new car license in 10-15 days.


What if you don’t renew your vehicle license?

In case you don’t renew your vehicle license you’ll have to face the penalty of 1/10th of the actual fee for every month until you don’t renew.

How much fee for license renewal through FNB?

FNB will charge R199 for license renewal service which is the extra amount you’ll pay along with the license dick renewal fee.

Wrap up

Fees or renewal cost on a vehicle depends on the tare and Vehicle type. Second, the Govt. of Western Cape charged these fees to provide the best services to its users. Further, it reduces the maintenance backlog and provides funding for strategic road maintenance.

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