Time Required To Get Driver’s License Credit Card In South Africa?

Currently, South Africa is issuing a credit card as proof of driver’s license to its citizens. The credit card validity period is five years, but the applicant’s driving license will remain valid to its expiry date even if the card expires.

So if your credit card license has expired, you need a letter of entitlement that is a driver statement confirming the license validity by the South African authorities. It is vital as this card is valid proof that you are legally allowed to drive in South Africa.

How Long Will It Take?

Here, the query is how long will it take to get the drivers’ license credit card?

Almost four to six weeks like other licenses, including driver and learner licenses. However, you cannot get it within the specific period mentioned on the slip; then you may request it. You can request by writing the letter of not receiving the driver’s license credit card.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Driver's License Credit Card in South Africa

You may contact them via email or by texting at their provided telephone number. The RTMC of South Africa will investigate it and make sure to deliver your license credit card.

Note: Kindly confirm your postal address where you want to deliver when you are going for a request.

Reasons For Not Receiving The Driver’s License Credit Card

Three possibilities are typically found

  • Maybe your application isn’t accepted, and it isn’t going for further processing by the RTMC.
  • Secondly, suppose the application is accepted, and you get a confirmation message, but you still receive no card. In that case, it may be due to your wrong postal address or any other information you added isn’t verified by the system.
  • Thirdly, sometimes there is a delay from the system working on it; but in this case, they must send you an SMS of not delivering the driving license card on time.


A driver’s license credit card is different from the usual driver’s license. It holds five years of validity instead of two, and on its expiring, your driver’s license isn’t expired. So, you can drive on the South African roads legally after its expiry. 

It’s a credit card of your license, so you may cash it where you have to pay penalties or clear other payments regarding your vehicle.  Usually, the processing time is four to six weeks, and you can get it within this time. 

However, if you can’t get it, send a requesting letter to the management. They’ll give you a new issue date after investigating thoroughly.

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