How Do I Register a Used Vehicle in South Africa?

So you’ve found your dream used car and are all excited? The vehicle will need to be registered and you will need a number plate before you can begin using it. Here, we will explain how to register a secondhand vehicle in South Africa?

If you have purchased a used vehicle from a dealer or from another person it is important to register the vehicle in your name as soon as possible. Registering used vehicle transfers the ownership of that vehicle into your name and also updates the South African National Traffic Information System (NATIS) with the details of the new owner.

Registering a used vehicle is done at a local licensing department. Once you have purchased a vehicle, the seller has to complete all appropriate forms and give you the original certificate of registration and license disk. 

To register a used vehicle, take your vehicle to the licensing department to have it inspected and licensed for roadworthiness. 

How Do I Apply For Registration of a New Vehicle?

Documents Required For Registering Used Vehicle in South Africa 

  • The following documents will be required to register a motor vehicle.  The Standard Bank Account Statement must not be more than three months old.
  • Original, certified copies of identification
  • The original foreign registration papers or the South African papers if the vehicle is already registered in South Africa
  • A valid endorsement letter by the shipping company
  • A valid invoice(s)
  • Original, certified copy of proof of payment of any outstanding debt with a bank statement and/or any other financial institution according to the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) guidelines
  • A valid debit order-authority form from the shipping company relating to direct payments for port fees and customs charges
  • Proof of insurance
  • Roadworthy certificate
  • ‘Nominal’ value declaration (for vehicles older than seven years)

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register Used Vehicle?

  1. Inspection of your vehicle

A registered vehicle with NSW registration that expired less than 3 months ago may be transferred into your name by renewing the registration and transferring it. Follow the directions on How to renew the registration.

  1. Vehicles Registered in Another State or Unregistered

You must obtain an NSW registration for your vehicle if it has an interstate registration or is unregistered.

Make sure that the vehicle is inspected at an AUVIS (AUtilised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station).

Upon passing the inspection, you will receive an identity and safety check that is signed and printed.

If a compliance certificate from a licensed certified launch is also required if the vehicle is modified or non-standard.

  1. Ensure yourself against third-party Liability (CTP)

CTP coverage (green slip) is required in order to drive a vehicle. However, caravans and tractors are exempt from the requirement.

Light vehicles require a 12-month CTP policy, preferably issued by an insurance provider based in NSW. 

  1. Documents must be Prepared

Prepare your above-mentioned documents when you decide to visit a service center for the registration of a new vehicle. 

  1. You can visit a Service Center

You can apply for registration at any service center launch once you have your inspections, certificates, and CTP insurance.

You will receive your new number plates immediately after registering on-site.

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