How do I Know if My DL is Ready for Collection?

It’s simple to know if your license is ready to collect or not. Only you have to set notification priority while applying. So you can get an SMS or email from the Natis when your license is ready for collection. 

If you couldn’t get any SMS or email, it means that your license is still not ready to collect. But, if this takes a long time, you may visit the DLTC and ask them for your license. Secondly, there may be a reason for progress, so you have to wait for more for your driver’s license. But, how will you confirm it? Sometimes it becomes confusing.

Check the license progressing status via visiting the official website (Natis)

If you find that your license isn’t ready to collect still and the due date is passed, or you want to check it’s progressing within the due time, then you must go through the following procedure.

Those motorists driver’s license is being processed checked as follow;

  • Go to the official Website (Natis)
  • Redirect to the webpage
  • Insert your valid ID number and other required information
  • Check Driving license progressing status via Messaging
  • Check the DL Progressing or Ready Status

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Check via Messaging at 33214

Sometimes, a message isn’t received on DL ready. So here you have to check it by yourself. 

  •  Insert the ID number in the SMS box and send it to 33214. 
  • Soon after, you’ll get a message about the license progressing or ready status.

Note: This SMS service isn’t free so keep in mind that the company charges you on each message.

Undoubtedly, this SMS service is superb-easily to check the progress or ready status. SMS the ID no. to 33214; wait a short while, and you should receive a message about your license’s process stage.

Expected response or reply from the DLTC  

  • The request doesn’t exist / Unknown ID: It states that your application isn’t submitted for this ID number
  • Request received by the system: It states that the request for processing the driving license has been received
  • Request in processing period: It states that the system is working on it, and the request is in progress.
  • Request approved and posted: It states that your driving license request has been approved, and the status is updated.

Note: Keep this in mind if you take more than six months to pick your license from the DLTC, then sorry, they will not give you and expire it, so take it on time.

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It isn’t tricky to check that is your driving license is ready to collect; here, we explain the two standard methods to check it. You may go for any one of them. Firstly, via visiting the official website (Natis); secondly, sending the message at 33214. Furthermore, you may go and visit the DLTC office.

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