How Do I Apply For Registration of a New Vehicle?

In South Africa or any other country when you buy a new important vehicle you need to register it with the Government Authority. Registration of a motor vehicle (whether mandatory or voluntary) with a government agency is the act of registering the vehicle with the government. 

Registration of motor vehicles establishes a link between a vehicle and the owner or user of the vehicle. Taxation and crime detection may benefit from this link. A vehicle identification number is assigned to almost all motor vehicles.

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Step-by-Step Process of How to Register an Important Vehicle? 

For registering a new vehicle, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Follow the instructions in the section below to complete your documents.
  • For physical inspection and document verification, bring the vehicle and documents to the designated Excise Inspector. Form ‘F’ (manual) will be filled out by the inspector and signed by him.
  • You will be able to visit our Data Entry Operator (DEO) after your documents have been verified. A DEO will process a set of documents if they are complete in all aspects, otherwise, he will disclose any ambiguities in the documents to the applicant.
  • For the authentication of particulars, DEO issues the computerized form “F”.
  • To pay the appropriate fee amount, the applicant will have to pay the designated DEO within the same window.
  • Applicants will receive their vehicle registration receipt when the DEO takes their vehicle document files.
  • In addition, the DEO must receive the number plate fee (in cash).

Documents Required for Registration of New Vehicle  

The applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Applicants must submit a photocopy of their CNIC
  • A brand new vehicle must be registered through the application gained from Excise and Taxation Officer 
  • The following are examples of proof of purchase:
  • When purchasing a locally manufactured vehicle, the customer will be required to provide the sale invoice, the sale certificate, and any related documentation.
  • Documents such as the Bill of Entry, the Bill of Lading, the old registration book, and the bill of sale are required when an imported vehicle is sold.
  • Vehicles that are auctioned must have auction vouchers and related documents. The following documents can be used as proof of residence:
  • The following are acceptable proofs of residence:
  • In Islamabad, utility bills (i.e., electricity, sudi, gas, etc.), a CNIC, a lease agreement, a registration certificate, an allotment letter, and an employment certificate (in the case of government employees) shall be acceptable as proof of residence.

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Fee and Taxes for Registration of Vehicle

Following is the formula for estimating relevant fees:

  • The registration fee is added to the Advance Tax, Token Tax, Income Tax, and Professional Tax for Commercial Vehicles.
  • Upon a delay in registration of 60 days (counting from the invoice date), late fees shall be implemented.
  • A special number fee must be deposited when the number is allocated. There are schedules of the charges for special numbers available here or at the information counter.
  • From 1st July until 30th June, you will be subject to the income tax and token tax rates (mentioned in the schedule). As long as the registration date is within the next 12 months, the applicant will pay income tax and token taxes.


Vehicle CategoryEngine CapacityValue of vehicle
Private999 cc and Below01%
PrivateFrom 1000 cc to 1999 cc02%
Private2000 cc and Above04%
Commercial999 cc and Below01%
Commercial1000 cc and Above02%

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