How Do I Apply for a Learner’s License In South Africa?

A Learner license in South Africa is a necessary permit that you have with you if you drive on the road in South Africa. It confirms that you have complete know-how about driving a vehicle you own, so you are permitted to drive it. 

However, the validity period of a learner’s license is twenty-four months, which is 2-years. So, you have to go for renewal on its expiry. Besides, there is only a limited type of vehicle allowed to drive, and you can only drive under the supervision of a licensed driver on this license.

Here, we take a brief guide about a learner’s license, categories of a learner’s license, and how to apply for a learner’s license. So go thoroughly and make it easier to apply for a learner’s license in South Africa.

Categories of A Learner’s License (Motor Vehicles)

When you hold a learner’s license, it is important to remember that your driving experience depends on who’s supervising. For example, when driving a car a supervisor with an official license must be with you. 

The learner’s permit is a specialized license for those who want to learn how to drive with the understanding that they are not yet qualified enough. It has different requirements than an everyday driver’s license. Such as a learner’s driver’s license is only useful for the first 24 months and you can’t renew it again. 

A learner’s license is categorized into different types of motor vehicles. That means a few rules may apply in license issuance. Here are a few of them:

Code 1:

Code 1 means a candidate with less than 18 years and at least 16 years can’t get a license for a vehicle of more than 125cc. This means teenagers of around 16 years can only get permits to learn a motorcycle. 

Code 2:

This is for anyone who wants to get their license or renewals, including minibusses and buses with a gross vehicle weight of less than 3500kg. To get the Code 2 learner license a candidate has to be 17 years old on the date of your test.

Code 3:

Code 3 driver learner license is for those candidates whose age is more than 18 years. This type of license is issued for heavy-duty vehicles that weigh more than 500kg.

How To Book a Learner’s Driver License Test Online? 

Typically the application forms for a learner license are available at each driving license center. However, you can still book your test online by visiting the NaTIS online website. No matter where you belong in the country the process is simple, fill out the booking application and you’ll get the test date. 

How To Book a Learner’s Driver Test at a DLTC? 

To book a learner’s test at a Driving License Test Center you’ve to appear there physically. Go to your nearby DLTC office and provide the required documents. Having all the required documents you can book your learner driver test. Read the following guide, it may be helpful. 

  1. Once you visit any DLTC office and book your test date, the staff will give you an appointment sheet. 
  2. You can request to change the test date if you feel the day is already scheduled. 
  3. Confirm your test booking date, pay the fee, and get the payment receipt. 
  4. Once all set, reach the DLTC on time and appear for the test.

Required Documents For Learner’s Driver License

Whether you book your learner driving test via the online process or visit directly to the nearby DLTC, the following documents are required in order to proceed with the process. 

  1. Bring your original ID card with two copies. 
  2. Two passport-sized photos require for the verification of your documents. 
  3. A one-time booking fee of around R250 is required (the price can vary, it’s necessary that you confirm the price before going).
  4. Must bring a proof of residence document, it can be any utility bill or bank statement however, if you don’t have any of these documents; you need to bring an affidavit signed by the owner or 17th-grade government officer. The affidavit will ensure that your residence is permanent. 
  5. It is mandatory for informal expatriates to provide an official letter of residence stamped by the ward councillor.

Bottom line: Once you’ve all these documents you’re ready to go. Make sure all these documents are safe and you don’t share your confidential documents with an unknown person.

Why am I not qualified for a learner’s permit?

Have you tried to apply for a learner driver’s license and your request has been rejected? There are many possibilities, and it happens when there are legal problems with your documents. Below I mentioned a few of the reasons that may cause disqualification to get a learner permit. 

  • If your previous driving license was revoked due to a traffic violation, you must wait a period of punishment 
  • If you already have a driving license and you’re trying to apply in the same category again.
  • Due to swear legal issues if your license has been suspended you can not renew it or apply again. 
  • You’re underage and trying to apply.

However, if none of the above conditions applies to you then there are a few other reasons that may cause rejection. 

  1. There is a possibility that you have not completed the necessary paperwork.
  2. If you lack the required documents, you can’t proceed.
  3. If you haven’t completed the necessary training, you might be ineligible. 
  4. Your test scores may not meet the requirements. 
  5. There’s a chance you didn’t pass the vision test. 
  6. If you don’t pay the fee you can not enrol for the test, or apply for the learner’s test.

How Do You Apply For A Learner License In South Africa?

Applying for a learner’s license via visiting the DLTC. Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for a learner’s license.

Step 1

Go and visit the driving license testing centre near you to book your test date.

Step 2

With the complete documentation, you’ll submit the application form for a learner license in South Africa.

Step 3

After submitting the application form and the fee, an appointment date will be allotted.

The E-Natis system generates the slip of appointment.

Learner License in South Africa - The E-natis system generates the slip of appointment.

Lastly, go to the test venue 15 minutes before beginning the test. And must take an appointment sheet and official ID documents with you.

Applying For A Learner’s License Via Online

You may go for an online appointment via the official website.

Ist Step

Go to the official website, open it

2nd Step

Fill out the application form LL1

3rd Step

Pay the fee via your wallet.

4th Step

The system will give you the date of the test. Your learner’s license is issued to you as you pass the test.

Important Things To Consider

1. In case of any illness or sickness, you have to provide a medical certificate to the centre for test cancellation or postponement.

2. Secondly, you have to provide a death certificate if you attend any funeral.

3. Thirdly, if your age is more than 65 years, you have to give your medical fitness test and other documents at the time of registration.

How To Prepare For The Test?

To guarantee passing success, you must be clear about basic driving rules on the roads. You should know about road signs and their meaning. Must have a control grip over the vehicle for which you will take a license.


How many days to receive a learner’s license? 

If you pass all the tests and your documents are complete, after paying the fee you’ll receive your learner license on the same day. 

How can I receive my learner’s driving license in South Africa?

You can receive your learner license at home or by going to the office. If you get the home delivery you may have to pay an extra amount of R100 for the post office fee. However, if you go directly to the DLTC you can receive it by hand without paying any fee. 

When will I receive my official driver’s license?

If you’ve learned driving you can apply for an official driver’s license within one year (12 months). The date will be counted from the day of issuance of your learner license. 


What must age require, what are the categories, how to apply them, and even how to prepare them? These are essential things to know before applying for a learner’s test. Hopefully, you’ll answer any query related to the learner’s driving license in this concise guide. And it’s become super easy for you to apply and get passed out.


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