How Do I Apply For A Driver’s License In South Africa?

A driver’s license is a required permit to drive legally on the road in South Africa. It confirms that you have a comprehensive grip over driving a vehicle, so you are legally allowed to drive it. Further, there are different driver’s license categories based on vehicle type. So, here we explain all the categories and the method on how to Apply for a Driver’s License.

How do I apply for a driver’s license in South Africa? Step-by-Step process.

  1. Visit the nearest driving center.
  2. Complete the verification process by filling out the DL1 form. 
  3. Pay the fee and get the test date. 
  4. On the test day, reach on time with the payment receipt and required documents. 

Here I’ll cover more details about the driving license issues in South Africa and what are the terms and conditions to apply for a driver’s license. 

So let’s jump to the review to get a detailed guide about driver’s license and their application method.

Learner’s Driving License in South Africa

If you’re not a perfect driver and still learning about driving, you might be thinking what are the rules for me? What if the traffic controller asks me to show my driving license? Well, don’t worry. 

The Ministry of Transportation has introduced licenses for learners. That means if you’re in the learning stage you can still get the South African learner’s license. This learner license will be valid for the next two years and the purpose of this long period is that you’ve to learn professional driving within two years. 

Once you’ve got the learner license in South Africa here are the few terms and conditions that may apply:

  1. The candidate with a learner’s license can only drive on the road under the supervision of a fully licensed driver. 
  2. To apply for a learner license the candidate’s age must be at least 17 years. 
  3. Maybe you’ll be required to pass a written test in order to get a learner’s license. (don’t worry the test is as easy as a 5th-grade person can pass).
  4. The learner license is only for the first 2 years, after that, you can not renew it.

South Africa Driving License Test

Before the expiration of the learner license, you’ve to visit the relevant driving test center. In order to get approval for the official driving license, you’ve to pass the written exam and practical driving test. 

Please ensure you perform these tests at the registered driving centers otherwise you may face license issues. 

1. The Written Test

The written test is taken earlier when you apply for the learner license. The test includes road signs, driving control gear identification, daily driving rules, and some other traffic-related questions. 

All the training is given in the driving centers before the test, so you rest assured that you can pass the test easily. However, there are chances that you can still pass the test without requiring any paid training. 

2. Practical Driving Test

After passing the written exam, you can apply for a practical test at your local driving center. It’s essential to provide your personal documents in order to proceed along with the booking fee and you’ll get a test date. Once you’ve booked your date it’s recommended to reach prior to the time before the actual time of the test. 

The test includes a few key points:

  1. A practical test of driving.
  2. Your fingerprints for document verification.
  3. Eyesight test

After passing the test successfully, you’ll be issued a temporary license until the issuance of an official driving license. Typically it takes around 4-6 weeks to issue the official license, and you can collect it by visiting the test center.

Types of Driving License in South Africa

There are 7 main types of driving licenses in South Africa but only 4 types are the most common in use. All the types have their own rules and conditions. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Code A1

This type specifies that a candidate with the age of at least 17 years can apply for a driving license for a 125cc vehicle. 

2. Code A

According to the Code A licensing type, a candidate with the age of 18 years can apply for a driving license above 125cc vehicles. 

3. Code B

A candidate with an age of at least 18 years can get the issuance of the driving license of a vehicle that has a maximum weight of 3500kg. 

4. Code C1

To get the license of a vehicle that weighs between 3500kg to 16,00 kg a candidate’s age must be 18 years or above. 

The other three types of driving licenses are EB, EC, and EC1. But these terms are only used for heavy-duty vehicle drivers.

Categories of A Driver’s License

Here in the following table, we clearly illustrated different categories of a driver’s license.

CodeVehicle TypeApplicant Age
Code A1 Motorcycle or a sidecar with not exceeding (125cc engine) 17   
Code A Motor cycle or a sidecar with exceeding (125cc engine) 18
Code BLight vehicles, like mini-buses and trucks. With not exceeding (3500 kilograms)18
Code C Vehicles(Containing weightage not exceeding 1600 kilograms).18
Code C1Motor vehicle(Weightage containing between 3500 to 16000 kilograms).18
Code EBLight VehiclesMini-bus, buses, or other goods vehicles(Weightage not exceeding 3500 kilograms).18
Code ECHeavy Motor Vehicles(Weightage exceeding 16000 kilograms).18
Code EC1Heavy Motor Vehicles(Weightage between 3500 to 16000 kilograms).  


  •  Applicant’s official Id card (South African)
  •  Applicant official documents (South African)
  •  Two black color ID-Sized photos
  •  Two white color ID-Sized photos
  •  The Learner’s License
  •  Paid fee slip of an applicant
  •   Address proof including both the postal and resident address

How do I Apply for A Driver’s License?

1.       Open the official website

2.       Fill out the application form DL1

3.       Pay the fee from your registered bank account.

4.       The system will give you the date of the test

5.       Move to the DLTC on the test date and give your test

6.       After passing the test, your eye test will be gone at the DLTC.

7.       Next, DLTC demanded your fingerprints for confirmation and verification.

On successfully passing the test and your eyesight cleared by the team, you are issued a new driver’s license. 

2- Applying For A Driver’s License by visiting the DLTC

1.       Visit any nearest DLTC to apply for a driver’s license.

2.      With the prerequisite, submit the driver’s license application form.

3.  After submitting the application form and the fee, an appointment date will be allotted by the E-natis.

Important Things To know

1. For temporary use, DLTC issued a driving license on the spot; but it is not considered the original one. The original one takes 4 to 6 weeks to finish.

2.  The validity of this driver’s license is only two years, so after two years, you have to renew it.

3.  Cost varies depending on your local DLTC.

Preparing Tips For A driver’s license

  • You must know about the driving rules and signs to ensure your passing status.
  • Secondly, a powerful grip on your vehicle is the primary thing to consider.
  •  Lastly, giving tests with a confident tone.

Exchange The Foreign DL With South Africa’s DL

You may exchange your foreign DL with South Africa’s DL if you fulfill the following conditions.

1.       Your license should be valid

2.       Your license language should be South Africa

3.       Your license must consist of your signature and the photo (in case you are the holder)


How does a foreigner get a South African driver’s license?

Any foreigner can get a driving license by applying their request in a driving license test center. Simply fill DL1 form and provide the residence details. You can provide the details of the company location or your permanent residence permit.

What if I lost my South African driver’s license?

If your previous driving license has been lost, stolen, or damaged you can still request a new one. In that case, you’ll be issued a temporary license with some extra charges, and after a short period of time, you’ll get the official driving license.


We take a detailed review of applying for a driver’s license in South Africa. If we summarize, complete a DL1 application form, submit the prerequisite documents, pay the test fee, and go for a test where you book the test appointment.

 Pass the test, go through an eye examination, and get your temporary driver’s license on the spot. So, hopefully, our beneficiary guide about driver’s licenses is helpful to you.


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