How Bank Details are Verified for SASSA SRD R350?

To check if your bank account details have been verified by your SASSA R350 SRD, this is how that can be achieved. It might be a long process but worth the time.

How do I check my SASSA bank details?

  • Firstly, you’ll be required to visit or open their website. You can as well use this link
  • Next step: Scroll down until you find the option to update your bank account details. 
  • Use the ID number that you used to apply for the SASSA R350 SRD application. 
  • You will therefore be sent a notification message through an SMS  on your phone. 
  • Using that info, click on the link sent on that SMS. 
  • It will however direct you to an option written Current Payment. Click on that. 
  • Once you’ve reached this stage, you’ll have to click on the verification tab to show you If the application is pending or verified/approved.
  • If the application has been approved then you will be able to see the pay dates and when the exact day you’ll be paid your grant
  • In case your application is pending, you’ll have to be patient until when your bank account details will be verified. 
  • Once you’ve requested to check your application status for the bank info, you’re given a time limit of 24 hours before requesting another account status. The SMS link is bound to expire immediately after 30 minutes after it’s submitted. This link is supposed to be used immediately within the stipulated time that is if you want a quick response and not wait around for another whole day. 
  • Once SASSA approves your bank account details, they will require verification from the bank. 
  • If this process seems too long, you can send in details of your post bank account closer to the retail store you’d want SASSA to fund your account. 

In case your bank account details aren’t verified within the next 21 days then the issue will have to be with the bank. This is because most of the banks or some of the banks delay responding to requests made from SASSA to allow or give access to personal account information. 

This process as indicated by SASSA should only take the utmost of 10 working days before they verify the bank account details. But it can also take up to 14 days before this process is completed.

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