Free Vehicle Number Plate Check South Africa in 2022

Are you thinking to buy a used car but not sure whether the vehicle is genuine are not? Well, a free vehicle number plate check in South Africa is a way to trace the car registration number, plate number, and other relevant data. 

If you want to search for a number plate of the vehicle and want to know who is the owner of the vehicle, there are different ways to do so. 

This blog post will cover a few different methods that might be helpful for you to check vehicle number plates for free in RSA. Furthermore, I’m also gonna cover other relevant data that might be helpful for you. 

Free Vehicle Number Plate Check South Africa

Typically there is only a direct method to check the number plate of a vehicle in South Africa offered by the Ministry of Transport which is to visit any traffic department. However, the vehicle owner can check their vehicle details directly on the NaTIS website and for this, you need to register with the website. But here are a few other sources that directly allow you to check vehicle numbers online. 

Source 1: Via First Check Online is the website that allows you to check your vehicle report within a few seconds. The website is legit and doesn’t share your crucial data with any third party. 

To check any vehicle plate number you need to provide the VIN or the Registration number of the vehicle and click on the Get Your Report. 

Finding the details about the vehicle plate number is more possible with the VIN rather than the Registration number. So, you must use the VIN to get more accurate data. 

Don’t have VIN or Registration number?
If you don’t have the VIN or registration number then don’t worry. You can still check any vehicle data manually by clicking on this link: check manually.

Once you click on the link, you’ll be directed to the manual page. Here you need to provide a few details about the car:

  • Vehicle year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Variant

After providing these details, click on the Submit button and get the details about the vehicle.

Source 2: Check Through Vehicle Check South Africa

This is another website in South Africa that offers you to check vehicle data. According to the website, all your data remain private and they do not share the details with any other company. 

The process to check the vehicle plate number is simple, just provide the 17 digits VIN and your email. Click on the below box that you agree to the vehicle and check “Terms of Service”. Then click on the red button “Start Vehicle Check” and you’ve all done. 

Source 3: Check Vehicle Number Plate via VIN Decoder

In any case, if both above methods don’t work for you, here is the third method to check the vehicle plate number and its history in South Africa. 

The VIN Docoder’s website can help you check the car plate number. Simply go to the website and enter your VIN or License Plate number, then click on Check Car Now. 

The best thing about this website is, that it shows your the hidden defects, mileage, and all existing data of the vehicle. 

Bottom line: follow any of these free methods and you can check the plate number of any vehicle as long as you have got its VIN. I hope now you understand how easy and simple this process is. So make sure you use it for a good purpose rather than just putting the VINs of vehicles. 

Why Does Someone Need To Know About Vehicle Number?

Knowing about vehicle numbers is not only useful for police members or security staff. Knowledge about vehicle numbers can be helpful for public usage. Here are a few reasons why you need to learn about vehicle number tracing. 

  • The first reason can be if you face any kind of vehicle accident where you don’t see any relative or are unable to find details of the vehicle driver. You can simply use the vehicle number check and get the bio of the driver and vehicle as well. 
  • While driving if you see someone is drunk and driving recklessly, it’s your moral duty to report that vehicle to the traffic authority. So that roads are safe and everyone can avoid these kinds of people. 
  • If you witness a hijack or vehicle crime you can trace the vehicle’s owner and report it to the traffic authority.
  • If you buy a car it’s important to know about the actual title holder. Furthermore, it’s important to know whether the vehicle is registered with the NaTIS or not. 

People also ask 

How to check number plates on cars in South Africa?

The best way to check number plates on cars in South Africa is to visit the vehicle registration authority office in your region. Provide them with the relevant number plate and they will give you a complete bio of the car. However, if you’ve got the VIN of the vehicle you can check the vehicle history online. 

How do I find the owner of a car by license plate for free?

If you have got the license plate of a car you can find its owner for free by contacting the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Provide them the license plate number and they’ll provide you the relevant data of the car owner. 

How to find a car without a number plate?

If you don’t have the number plate of a car you can still find it online by visiting the website. Simply provide the relevant information like the make, model, and year of the car. 

Let’s Recap!

A vehicle number plate check is a search of the records of vehicles kept by the Department of Transport. This can be done to check whether a particular vehicle has been stolen, or if it is involved in any legal proceedings. 

The results of a vehicle number plate check may also include information about the registered owner of the car, such as their name and contact details. A free online service that allows you to conduct a vehicle number plate check is available from the website

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