How much are Vehicle Licence Renewals Fees in Free State

Having a car is a very big responsibility. This means you have too many responsibilities to make sure it’s done at all times. You might be wondering what your license renewal fees are and where you can renew them. In this article, I will show you Vehicle license Renewals fees of free states.

The cost of these licenses depends on the type of vehicle you drive and how long your license is valid. The fee includes road tax, which is a compulsory payment for all drivers that cover the maintenance of public roads. To make sure your vehicle is properly licensed.

Changes to Licence Renewals Fees in Free State

Vehicle owners in Free State will want to pay attention. The Department of Transport has announced some proposed changes to vehicle license renewals fees, which would come into effect if approved.

Paying vehicle license renewal fees can be a challenge; especially when you have to do it year after year. So if you are going through this same dilemma, this post is for you. Vehicle license renewal rates in the Free State vary from one municipality to another. And also, there is variation in the way this fee is calculated.

Popular methods of calculating these fees include kilometers traveled and the value of the vehicle. The fees based on kilometers traveled are subject to a minimum fee for all vehicles (agricultural or not). Excluding agricultural vehicles, these fees range from R105 to R2 800 depending on the manufacturer of your car.

Renewal fees are payable to the Department of Transport (DoT) when you get the license of a vehicle renewed. They are governed by Government legislation. The main difference between your old and new license is that there is an extra page onto which one or two security features will be printed.

Vehicle Licence Renewals Fees In Free State

ExceedingNot ExceedingRigid Vehicles*Trailers and semi-trailers
0 kg250 kgR300,00R192,00
250 kg500 kgR300,00R306,00
500 kg750 kgR300,00R306,00
750 kg1 000 kgR450,00R450,00
1 000 kg1 250 kgR450,00R450,00
1 250 kg1 500 kgR606,00R606,00
1 500 kg1 750 kgR606,00R750,00
1 750 kg2 000 kgR762,00R906,00
2 000 kg2 250 kgR762,00R918,00
2 250 kg2 500 kgR1 068,00R1 044,00
2 500 kg2 750 kgR1 068,00R1 236,00
2 750 kg3 000 kgR1 362,00R1 386,00
3 000 kg3 250 kgR1 464,00R3 300,00
3 250 kg3 500 kgR1 728,00R3 300,00
3 500 kg3 750 kgR2 010,00R3 606,00
3 750 kg4 000 kgR2 226,00R3 900,00
4 000 kg4 250 kgR2 418,00R4 500,00
4 250 kg4 500 kgR2 622,00R4 800,00
4 500 kg4 750 kgR2 862,00R4 956,00
4 750 kg5 000 kgR3 066,00R5 100,00
5 000 kg5 250 kgR4 644,00R5 280,00
5 250 kg5 500 kgR5 124,00R5 676,00
5 500 kg5 750 kgR5 610,00R6 078,00
5 750 kg6 000 kgR6 192,00R6 540,00
6 000 kg6 250 kgR6 666,00R7 008,00
6 250 kg6 500 kgR7 122,00R7 494,00
6 500 kg6 750 kgR7 884,00R7 926,00
6 750 kg7 000 kgR8 382,00R8 394,00
7 000 kg7 250 kgR8 826,00R8 856,00
7 250 kg7 500 kgR9 324,00R9 360,00
7 500 kg8 000 kgR10 290,00R10 326,00
8 000 kg8 500 kgR11 766,00R11 730,00
8 500 kg9 000 kgR12 798,00R12 900,00
9 000 kg9 500 kgR14 220,00R14 274,00
9 500 kg10 000 kgR15 456,00R15 492,00
10 000 kg10 500 kgR17 250,00R17 310,00
10 500 kg11 000 kgR18 738,00R18 810,00
11 000 kg11 500 kgR20 466,00R20 544,00
11 500 kg12 000 kgR22 308,00R22 398,00
Above 12 000 kg (for each additional 500 kg, or part thereof):+R2 700,00+R2 700,00
* The rate for rigid vehicles includes non-farming truck tractors.
OTHER VEHICLE TYPES (irrespective of tare)
MotorcyclesCaravansTractors on the public roadSpecial
R180,00R300,00See aboveR102,00
Motor vehicle registration Fee: R120,00               
Application for motor trade plate number: R74,00

How to Renew Free State Vehicle License

If you’re like me and don’t want to waste time standing in lines to renew your vehicle license then I’ve found an easy solution for you. By following this method you can easily renew your free state vehicle license by sitting at your home. 

The process is simple to follow: 

Go to the License Renewal Website by clicking on the link. There you’ll see a barcode that you need to scan. Once you scan the barcode it will take you to the official website contact number of the License Renewal company. 

However, if you don’t have a mobile phone or you don’t use Whatsapp, you can send them a message on these numbers by typing “Renew”.

  • 44155
  • +27 66 202 6685

Once you send them a message, below are the steps that you’ve to follow. 

  1. It will be necessary for you to provide your vehicle’s registration number.
  2. To calculate the amount of your vehicle license renewal, you must provide your vehicle’s tare weight.
  3. Give your license expiration date.
  4. Complete the payment on WhatsApp and you’ll be taken back to the quote page.
  5. In order to complete the process, you will need to provide a valid ID document or a driver’s license, as well as a utility bill.
  6. Once you’ve done all the steps, your vehicle license will be delivered in just a few days.

Follow the above guide and you’ll be able to renew your vehicle license in Free State. However, in case of any problem, you can contact them directly by sending a message on a given Whatsapp number. 


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