Fees and Costs For Renewal of License in South Africa 2022

The purpose of this article was to describe how much the driver’s license renewal fee and the associated costs are for your province. Here’s an estimate of how much you would pay in fees and costs based on the prices listed below. 

Renewal Fee of KZN: KwaZulu Natal

  • Renewal costs between R250 and R300 in cash.
  • R90 is the cost of a temporary license.

Renewal Fee in Johannesburg

  • The renewal rate is R228.00 for the first term and R260 for the second year. Both cash and credit cards can be used to pay.
  • You will have to pay R72 – R100 in cash for a temporary license.
  • The renewal of a vehicle in Randburg requires two black and white photos.
  • A copy of your license is now required for renewal at the Edenvale licensing department.

Renewal Fee in Pretoria

  • New online booking systems have been introduced in Gauteng. A list of all Gauteng offices can be found at natis portal, which can be accessed online.

Renewal Fee in Cape Town

You will need a temporary license to use this service, and it will cost you between R185 – R185.

Renewal Fee in Mpumalanga

The cost ranges from R185 to R250

How Do I Renew my Driver’s License in Gauteng?

Required Documents to Submit Fee of Renewal of Driving License

Please bring the following to the nearest DLTC:

  • Identify yourself with a valid state ID, old driver’s license card, or current passport.
  • If the DLTC requires more than four black-and-white ID photos, you should contact them before you have your photographs taken.
  • An account at a utility company that proves your residential address. It is mandatory that the owner of the utility bill write an affidavit declaring that you live at the address and attach the bill to the affidavit if your utility bill is not in your name.
  • Your residential address must be confirmed by an official letter from the ward councilor if you live in an informal settlement

Fees for the Application

Renewal applications must be made online for all Gauteng residents.

The following information must be entered on form DL1:

  • Driver’s license renewal application.
  • Please fill out the notification of change of address or details of person or organization (NCP) form.
  • A comprehensive eye exam will be performed by the DLTC or you may go to an optometrist of your choice for the test and then take the results to the DLTC.

Make sure you have cash on hand. Payments can currently be made only in cash at the DLTC.

Can I Renew My Driving License at the Post Office?

How do I Know if My DL is Ready for Collection?

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