How to Apply for SASSA Child Support Grant Application?

Not everyone is blessed to be raised in a rich family. No one gets to predict their fate as well. That’s where SASSA comes in for the less fortunate or anyone unable to raise their child. SASSA, therefore, helps by giving you grants. 

However, there are plenty of ways needed by each applicant for them to qualify to get the child support grant. Below are the qualifications required by every guardian requesting child support from the SASSA. 

Requirements to Apply for SASSA Child Support Grant application – Will you Qualify?

  1. You are required to be the primary caretaker of the child e.g. a child over 16 years who’s the head of the family, parent, and grandparent. However, if you’re not the sole owner or caretaker of the child you can provide documentation claiming that you have been their guardian. An affidavit from the social worker or police station or from the original or biological parents can support your claim. 
  2. You should be a permanent resident of South Africa or a South African citizen. 
  3. You are not supposed to be earning more than 52,800R every year if you’re single and in case you’re married your combined income should be less than 105,600R every year. 
  4. As for the child, some of the things to be considered are as follows
    • He or she should be under eighteen years old 
    • He or she should not be at a state institution.
    • He or she must be living primarily with his biological parents or a caretaker who ain’t being paid to stay with them.
    • The guardian or parent and the child should be living in South Africa.
  5. This grant can not be offered to you if you have or are in possession of more than 6 kids who aren’t your biological or adopted children.

For this grant, you will receive 480R every month for every child you have. The grant amount will be deposited through the following means; 

  • Choose a specific safe place and a good day to receive your cash. 
  • You can get the grant through an electronic deposit to your bank account or your post bank account, however, the banks will charge you a certain amount for the services they offer. 
  • The money or grant can be given to the acting administrator in an institution. 

In case you’re unable to collect the grant, you can opt to appoint one of the procurators at SASSA or someone else who has power of attorney to collect your money. 

Having followed and taken into consideration all that is required of you, you will need to follow this procedure and get your application done. 

Required Documents and Procedure for Child Support Grant Application

Head over to the nearest SASSA offices carrying your ID and your child’s birth certificate. In case you lack these documents you will be required to fill out the affidavit using the SASSA standard format as presented by the commissioner of oaths. 

The next steps will be to tag along the following documents; 

  • You should present a sworn statement from a reputable being like a councilor, a social worker, or a traditional leader to approve that the child is truly under your care. 
  • You should present proof of your ID and the birth certificate of the child that shows you’ve applied for the grant at the Department of Home affairs. 
  • You should have a temporary ID from the Department of home affairs and if applicable the baptismal certificate if you have it. 
  • You should have a clinic health card
  • You should have a school reports card too
  • You should be able to have proof of any type of maintenance you get to take care of the child.
  • You should have proof of how much you earn. 
  • If you are married you should present proof of your marriage certificate too. 
  • If you are also divorced, you should have a court order showing or indicating that you have sole custody of your child or children. 
  • You should present a death certificate in case one of the parents has been deceased and in case they’re lost a police abstract showing a search of a missing person. 
  • Wind up by application by presenting your documents to the attending officer. They will give you a receipt that needs to be taken care of. It will be proof of application for the child support grant. 

What happens When your Application is Not Approved? 

SASSA agents will later inform you through a letter why your application was not approved or was unsuccessful. In case you aren’t okay with the decision, you are free to make an appeal to the national department of social development at the Minister of Social Development. This must be done within the next 3 months from the day your application was declared as unsuccessful. 

This might take more than 3 months before your application is processed. However, if your grant has been approved, you will get paid from when the application was made. 

This service is done free of charge. You must however fill out some forms that are only found at SASSA offices and not online. 

With all that taken into consideration, you will now be able to receive your grant or old age pension. The procedure and requirements are quite the thing but must however be considered and followed to the later. 

When you follow all the requirements and procedures needed to apply for the children’s grant support, SASSA will therefore review your application. As indicated on your application, your income will declare how much money or where your application will be validated for the grant.

The review will take up to 3 months and they will give you a notification earlier. If you get your grant money through a procurator, an institution, or the bank you will be needed to fill in the life certificate for your child every year. 

Reasons for Suspension of Child Support Grant Application

However, your application can be suspended due to some reasons such as:

  • How your review will come out
  • A sudden change of the circumstances on your side
  • In case you decline to follow up and cooperate with the attending officer during the grant review
  • In case there was an issue when approving the child’s grant.
  • In case you’re found misrepresenting or committing fraud while you’re representing the child. 
  • If you are no longer the caretaker of the child. 
  • The last month is when a child turns eighteen years old. 

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