How to Check Sassa’s Balance without Airtime?

  • Choose any phone handset, whether your own or a friend or family member’s.
  • Use any phone, whether a smartphone or a regular phone.
  • Dial the USSD code *134*7737# and follow the screen directions to see your balance.
  • If the initial USSD code does not work, enter *120*69277# and follow the screen instructions to check your balance.
  • These approaches do not require airtime to function because they are free services.
  • If you receive a grant from a bank, you can obtain your bank’s USSD code for checking balances if they are available to check your bank account balance without using airtime.

We understand that it can be difficult sometimes, such as when you don’t have any airtime on your phone and want to check your sassa balance to see if you paid.

The USSD code is valid and convenient because it does not require a specific feature phone to function. This is the same method for checking your Sassa balance on your mobile phone for free.


So you can quickly check your Sassa balance by following the technique above step by step without using any airtime. This is the simplest way to check your Sassa balance without airtime.


How do I check my SRD grant balance? How to Determine the SASSA SRD Grant Balance and Status?

The phrase “SASSA” should be texted to 082 046 8553. ( official Sassa WhatsApp number).
You will receive an automated response, to which you must react with the text “Status.”
If you have a reference number, you will receive another automated answer and should respond with “Yes.

How do I check my balance?

Simple methods for checking your account balance
You are using Net Banking. The most usual method to check your account balance is to use the net banking service.
They are making use of an ATM.
We can use text messaging.
Making use of missed call services.
By dialing the bank.
Using UPI and other banking apps.
By establishing alerts.
Using passbook.

Why is my SRD grant approved but no pay date?

“If your Sassa grant is authorized, but no pay date has been given, it signifies that payment has not yet been processed, but it will be soon completed,” Sassa added. According to SASSA sources, they are attempting to tackle the situation within their means because they are well aware of it.

How do I know if my R350 is available?

In this instance, you must contact SASSA SRD directly to inquire. When you phone SASSA to ask about your R350 approval and payment, they will answer to assist you. You can check if SASSA R350 is approved by phone by calling SASSA at 0800 60 10 11.

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