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If you are from Africa and need an app to send messages, voice, and videos. You can send instant notifications on your smartphone using the Moya App Sassa. Because of its ability to send various messages ranging from text to voice notes. This fantastic app is an all-in-one instant app and can be used across multiple networks.

Moya App Sasa, a telecommunications company in the Philippines, created the app. This company’s goal is to provide the most reliable and timely communication services in all countries where this app is used. 

With the Moya App, you can now check your Sassa Status.

Check SASSA Status with Moya App – Steps

Moya and instant messaging on MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, and Telkom mobile networks are free of data charges. Even if you don’t have any airtime or data remaining, Moya continues to function on these cellular networks.

You must keep your mobile data turned on to utilize these data-free apps. #datafree apps won’t eat up your airtime or data balance as long as you are connected to one of the partnering mobile network operators. Please be aware that other applications might use data.

Step 1

Download the Moya app from the Huawei AppGallery or Google Play.

Step 2

Select the SASSA Grant by visiting Discovery.

Scroll down to the Check SASSA SRD status section.

Step 3

Select “Application Status” from the menu.

Add your ID and mobile phone number.

Final Step

Select “Submit” from the menu.

The status of your SASSA should then appear.


Moya App is completely data-free. It even has an app that you can use while you wait for your contacts to respond to you. You can even read free South African books with this app. You can also check your Sassa Status by using the app with some steps. So I don’t see why people shouldn’t have it on their phones. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I use Moya to apply for Sassa?

Moya APP is NOT a SASSA APP, so please be aware. There are only the following SASSA channels available for SRD applications.;;; whatsapp 082 046 8553;

How can an R350 donation from 2022 be verified?

Alternatively, you can go to the official SRD R350 homepage at, scroll down to the section asking you to verify your status and click on that label. This is a direct connection to the website for checking the application status.

What should I do if SASSA indicates pending?

Pending signifies that your application has not yet been accepted; your information must be vetted and validated first. When your application is accepted, SASSA will send you an SMS asking for your banking information before paying you. Yes, the unique COVID-19 SRD grant does not have a defined payment date.

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