Check Outstanding Vehicle Licence Fees Online South Africa

Do you want to check outstanding vehicle licence fees online in South Africa? I’ve got you covered. 

How to check outstanding vehicle license fees online? You can check outstanding vehicle license fees online in South Africa in all provinces KZN, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga., Northern Cape, and North West. Visit the NaTIS website and go to Online Services, and then click on “Query Driving Licence Card”. Check the outstanding amount by providing the details. 

South Africans need to be aware of their outstanding vehicle license fees. Because the government has announced that it plans to start clamping down on vehicles with outstanding license fees. So, if you’re driving around with an unpaid bill, you could end up getting your car towed or worse. 

Furthermore, according to the law of the ministry of traffic, you’re not allowed to renew your vehicle license until all outstanding fees have been paid. 

It also comes in the government’s favor too. As, the more people who are aware of their outstanding fees and pay them up, the more money the government will have available to invest in infrastructure and other important projects. 

This blog post will explain how to check outstanding vehicle license fees in South Africa. Excited to learn, keep reading. 

How to Check Outstanding Vehicle Licence Fees Online in South Africa?

You can check your outstanding vehicle license fees in South Africa through the official National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) website. 

If your registration is shown as suspended it means that you have not paid your vehicle license for that particular year and you will need to do so to renew it. Fees can be paid at any post office or a licensing department of a municipality.

But luckily if you’re still able to sign in to the NaTIS website then don’t take more time to pay your dues. Follow these steps to check your outstanding car license fee. 

  1. Visit the NaTIS website and click on Online Services. 
  2. Here you need to find the “Query Driving Licence Card” and click on this. 
  3. On the next page, please fill out the following information to proceed further;
  • ID type
  • ID number
  • Your surname
  • Name initials 
  • Phone number
  1. After providing these details you’ll receive a one-time passcode on your phone number. Write the code and click on Next. 
  2. Upon entering all the correct information, you will see the outstanding fee on the dashboard. Pay the fee and save the receipt. Without paying the outstanding amount you cannot renew your license. 

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What is the punishment for an outstanding vehicle license fee in South Africa?

The punishment for an outstanding vehicle license fee in South Africa can range from a simple fine (1/10th of the actual license registration fee) to the confiscation of the vehicle (for a short period). It all depends on the amount of the debt and how long it has been outstanding. 

However, the best way to avoid outstanding vehicle license fees in South Africa is to keep your vehicle registration up to date. Make sure you renew your license on time every year and keep track of any changes in the law that might affect your registration. If you’re ever unsure about whether you owe any fees, contact your local motor vehicle office for clarification. Paying your license fees promptly can prevent penalties or legal problems in the future. 

People also ask

What happens if I don’t pay Vehicle Licence Fees in South Africa?

If you don’t pay your Vehicle Licence Fees in South Africa, your vehicle will be seized and impounded by the South African Police Service. Furthermore, you may be sentenced to a fine and/or imprisonment.

How to check how much you owe on your car license?

You can contact the nearby traffic license registration authorities or check it online by visiting the NaTIS website. However, NaTIS online requires a sign-up to check the fee. 


The action to hold the outstanding vehicle license fee is technically illegal, as it could result in negative consequences for the vehicle owner. For example, if the owner fails to renew their registration on time, they may be liable for a fine. Additionally, holding on to unpaid license fees could create problems when selling or transferring ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, I would advise you don’t do this. 

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