Change of Address Vehicle Registration South Africa

Do you want to change the address of the vehicle registration in South Africa? Follow this step-by-step guide. 

  1. Visit the nearby Vehicle Registration Authority.
  2. Bring your South African ID and current address proof.
  3. Fill out the NCP form and then submit it.
  4. Within 21-day your address will be changed. 

Changing the vehicle address in South Africa is not a big issue as long as you have got the relevant documents. The process takes around 3-4 weeks. You can ensure your change of address by calling or visiting the relevant office from where you applied for the change of address. 

Rules for Foreigners and Local Citizens – Address Change

However, the rules for foreigners and those who don’t have a permanent address in South Africa are a bit different. Moreover, they have required some other documents like a certified document from the ward counselor, utility bills, proof of residence from the company owner (for foreigners), etc. 

So if you are a local citizen of South Africa with complete documents, and have your address. Or an expatriate working in South Africa, I’ve got you covered all. This blog post will cover complete detail about how to change the address of vehicles in South Africa that will help anyone. 

Notice: You must approach the appropriate registering authority for any changes to your information, including address or title holder within 21 days. Use the notification form if you’re updating an old NCP record with a new one. At the same time, when selling your vehicle, it’s important to notify the registering authority of any changes in ownership. The new buyer must also register their car with their name and address as well.

How Do I Change My Address On A Vehicle Registration?

How Do I Change My Address On A Vehicle Registration

If you have recently moved to your next place, you will need to change your address on your vehicle registration. This process can be a little lengthy, but I will walk you through it. It is important to note that each state has its requirements, so be sure to check with your state’s specific requirements. 

Required Documents

To proceed with this action, the following documents are required. 

  1. Take your original ID card and one copy. If foreigners apply for a change of address they need to bring an original and certified copy of their ID card and a temporary card issued by a South African residence permit. 
  2. Any kind of proof document that ensures your residential address. It can be any like utility bill or account statement. If a candidate doesn’t have a utility bill with their name they need to bring a certified affidavit that declares they live at the provided address. 
  3. In case the candidate is living at an informal settlement, they need to bring a letter of proof with the stamp of the ward councilor that will ensure they live at the undermentioned address. 
  4. Every South African citizen is required to submit an NCP form for further details. However, expatriates need to submit two forms NCP and ANR both. 

Change of Vehicle Address

If you’re a local South African citizen and want to change the vehicle address registration, follow this guide. 

  1. Find out the nearest vehicle registration center in your area. 
  2. Visit the particular office of vehicle registration and provide the related documents. 
  3. Once you provide the ID, and proof of address, they will verify them. 
  4. Provide the required fee for a change of address. 
  5. Once the information is correct, you’ve to complete the NCP form and then submit it. 
  6. After clearing all the formalities, you’ll need to wait for 21 days to show your new address on the NaTIS website. However, you can call or visit the registration office to ensure your change of address. 

Change of Address if Selling the Vehicle 

If you’re selling or buying a vehicle from any person here are the details of how the change of address process will work. 

  1. NCO forms must be completed by the seller to register with their registration authority.
  2. The seller is responsible to provide the buyer with a registration certificate.
  3. The buyer must complete and submit the Application for Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles form (RLV).
  4. In the case of a South African registration, the certificate of registration is required.
  5. A mass measurement certificate must be provided if the tare of the vehicle has been changed.

There are a few things you will need to register your new car. The first thing is for both parties involved in the sale of the said vessel (seller and buyer) must apply to their respective registering authority within 21 days after buying or owning it. This includes submitting forms obtained from each other as well. The seller is also responsible during these proceedings to make sure that there are no major issues with how roadworthy the vehicle is before sending them off, so the buyer can process everything smoothly.

For vehicles registered under LLCs, you must also provide a certificate of incorporation or name change issued under the Companies Act. In addition to paying the province’s fee, the registering authority will evaluate your application.

The title holder would need proof of their right to be registered, such as an invoice or sales agreement. If you don’t have these documents contact the registration authority for more information about what they accept instead.

Forms to Complete for Change of Vehicle Address in South Africa?

Here is the list of forms that you need to complete and submit when you apply for vehicle registration in South Africa. All these documents are available in all registration authority offices.

  1. NCP Form: that is used to change the particulars
  2. RLV Form: it’s the application for registration of the address on the license. 
  3. NCO Form: this form is used when selling or handing over the ownership of your vehicle to anyone else. 
  4. ANR: A notice concerning a traffic register number

People also ask 

How much time is required for the process?

You will receive a response as soon as you visit the registration office. However, it takes around 21 days to show in your online portal. Moreover, if there is a problem with documents then it can take time accordingly. 

What is the fee for change of address vehicle registration RSA?

The fee depends on the registration office service charges. You can get them and ask about the fee. However, there are a lot of online websites that also offer this service. 


When you move to a new address in South Africa, you must update your vehicle registration within 14 days. To do this, you will need to complete the NCP form and take it, along with your license and proof of ownership, to a vehicle licensing agent. There is a small fee associated with this process.

You can also change your address for vehicle registration online. This process is slightly different but just as easy. Head to the Department of Transport website and follow their instructions on how to change your registered address for a vehicle. 

Make sure you have all the required documents handy, including your ID number and proof of residence. Once you’ve submitted your application, it should only take a few days for the new information to be updated on your license disc.

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