How to get Car License Disc Renewal in South Africa?

Renewing your car license disc is important because it saves you from several penalties. You also get benefits when renewing the certificate, such as reduced rates for insurance or even an extension. You can renew your car license disc in South Africa by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the nearest traffic department with your car license disc, ID book, and proof of address.
  2. Complete the required application form.
  3. Pay the relevant fees.
  4. Receive your new car license disc.

Typically there are four ways to renew your car license disc. Check out these methods and use one that suits your requirements. 

4 Ways to Apply for Car License Disc Renewal in South Africa

Here are four common ways of renewing your car license disc.

Method 1: Renewing the Car License Disc Via Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay, the South African business retailer, newly launched its Disc renewal (Vehicle License) services for the citizens. With this, a customer gets their license disc renewal in just R250 fee charges across the Republic of South Africa. There are more than 500 Pick n Pay stores or supermarkets offering these services so you can choose any of the nearest ones for renewal purposes. It makes it superbly easy for customers to renew their car license discs.

You can renew your car license disc by registering the mobile number in any Pick n Pay stores online.

  1. Firstly, go to the portal of the Pay n Pick disc renewal
  2. Set your profile and payment method on this portal
  3. Paid the required amount for disc renewal
  4. The team will work on it, and after renewing the disc
  5. It will send to you through courier (Additional charges are 99R).

So the total expense of your car license disc renewal is 250R + 99R = 349R

Benefits of Renewing Via Pick n Pay

There are many benefits some are discussed below:

  • It saves your time by long-standing preventing from in queues
  • You can pay the fee at any nearest supermarket or store of the Pick n Pay
  • Prevent you from many irrational penalties of fines
  • Hassle-free and super easy to apply
  • It reminds you before your disc expiry date come
  • You can receive it within ten working days.

Method 2: Renewing the Car License Disc Via Post Office

Secondly, while living in South Africa, you may renew your car license disc for the post office option. A motorist can perform this renewal online, saving them from standing for long hours in queues. The delivery charges are 75R, so after applying via the Post Office, the total amount is 250R + 75R = 325R.

However, you collect by yourself by moving to the applied post office; no additional charges will be deducted or demanded. You have only to pay 250R for the disc renewal fee.

How to Renew a Disc (Car License) Via the Post Office?

  • If you don’t hold a Post Office account online, you first have to go for it and sign up.
  • After signing up, set your profile by uploading the prerequisite
  • Next, sign a form (renewal disc)
  • Lastly, select the delivery method from the given option; and pay the fee.

Note: You can go with the “Masterpass’ app; that you can download from the play store or the apple store, depending on your mobile type. By using this app, there is no commission taken on renewal transactions.

Soon, after successfully applying to the process of renewal disc start, within three working weeks, the disc is received by the Post Office from the company. The post office will then send a message to the applicant to receive it from the office. If a person asks them for home delivery, the post office team delivers it to the provided address with some delivery charges.

Benefits of Renewing Via Post Office

  • Similarly, it saves your time as pick n Pay do
  • You can choose any post office that is near to your house
  • It prevents you from many irrational fines
  • You can receive it within two to three working weeks.
  • No commission or additional charges
  • Hassle-free and super easy to apply

Method 3: Western Cape Residents can Apply Online 

If you’re a Western Cape resident then here is good news for you, according to the government of Western Cape people living in their area now can apply for a car license disc renewal in South Africa. The process is pretty simple and easy. 

  1. Go to the official website of the CapeTown Government
  2. Click on the e-services 
  3. If you already have an account then write your username and password. 
  4. If not registered earlier, click on the register yourself. 
  5. On the next page, you’ll see an information dashboard, provide the required details and click on proceed. 
  6. Once you’ve registered yourself, sign in again. 
  7. Apply for car license disc renewal. 

If you’re an existing applicant it may process in two days. However, it may take 3 days to show you the details if you apply for the first time. 

Furthermore, if you are facing any kind of issue you can directly call the help center of Motor Vehicle Licensing using this number: 0860 103 089.

Method 4: Apply Through

If the above three methods don’t work for you then this website will surely solve your problem today. There are multiple options available on the website for license renewal purposes. Simply go to the website and then the license renewal option. 

Provide the necessary information, download the form, and fill it out. Fees and payment methods are listed on the website. The cost of renewal will depend on the vehicle type and the category of license. Furthermore, if you want home delivery of your license then you may have to pay more. 

At the same time if you see any query during the process you can directly contact them with an instant chatbox on the website. You can contact them if you have any queries during the process. 

However, the extra fee of service may be charged in order to facilitate this service. You can easily complete all processes using this service


What is the cost of car license disc renewal in South Africa?

The cost of renewing your car license disc in South Africa depends on a few factors, including the province in which you live and the make and model of your vehicle. In Gauteng, for example, the renewal fee for a standard passenger vehicle is R246.50, while in the Western Cape it is R330.00. (The price is approximate)

What is required to renew the license disc in South Africa?

The following documents will be required in order to renew the license disc in South Africa.
1. Your National ID card and its two copies
2. 2 passport images 
3. Processing fee. 
4. A verified resident permit

Final Words

We take two standard methods of renewing the disc of your car license; firstly, renewing by Pick n Pay stores, secondly, through post offices across the whole of South Africa. Total fee charges are 250R, plus if you request it to deliver through courier, an additional 99R should be paid. Choose one most convenient to you, and get your vehicle disc renewal online.


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