Can I Renew My Driving License At The Post Office IN South Africa?

Is it possible to renew your driver’s license at the Post Office in south africa?

Yes, you can renew your driver’s license at the post office in South Africa. A post office mainly introduces a mobile application for this purpose. So after this facility, a person can easily renew his driver’s license online. Hence, as a result, renewing a license for motorists is becoming smoother.

Still, more than 259 post offices in the Gauteng Province of South Africa have officially announced the DL renewal facilities. And these POs have renewed more than seventeen hundred car licenses in just the last three months. 

By this, South African POs (Post Offices) are getting remarkable achievements. Millions of transactions are done by providing the renewal services to its citizens via online renewal using the mobile app.

Benefits Of Using Post Office For Renewing DL

  • Firstly, it’s a time-saving process, and it saves lots of transaction time. 
  • Natis registered motorists benefit from this PO service by getting an SMS of renewal as a reminder before its expiry.
  • Motorists may get the reminder SMS via Email, so he hasn’t need to visit the office, a real-time saved.
  • The customer takes out the print of this SMS and presents it at the PO when he renews the license.
  •  Moreover, the logo of PO on the printed traffic fine can be paid from any of the nearby branches.

Applying For A Driver’s Renewal License At PO

  • It would be best if you had an ALV that is an application for license renewal of the vehicle.
  • You can get this application from the post office near to you, or you can register on the Natis website by redirecting to its official page.
  • If you go with Natis, after redirecting to the home page, search for the services option, and click on it.
Applying for a driver’s renewal license at post office in south africa
  • A new bar opens with various options; search for vehicle renewal and click on it.
  • After submitting the response, wait for processing for a while.
  • Please take out the reminder printout and use it for further processing.

Note: if you are directly visiting the post office for the license renewal of your vehicle, then you must bring the MVL2 form. The MVL2 form is sent in the post and a copy of ID. If you cannot get the MVL2 form, download the MVL1 form and fill it out. 

Things You Must know

  • While applying through the post office, you should be sure that the nearest post office to you is facilitating with you this renewal vehicle license services or not.
  • If you couldn’t receive an SMS on applying, then you go for the MVL1 form download and fill it to submit to the post office.


So, after reading it clearly to you, all queries regarding post office license renewal have been resolved. You can quickly go through the renewal process by downloading its application on your mobile phone. Further, you can get an advantage from the Natis website. Still, more than three people renewed their vehicle licenses by using the post office services in the last year. 

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