How to Apply for SASSA Disability Grant – Living with Disability 2022

A disability is an ability and a blessing in its own way. Even though it comes with different issues depending on what type of disability you have. 

Sassa has however come up with ways to benefit from them by receiving a grant but this grant money comes with different requirements hence one must accomplish them and achieve them. 

Through this article, we will look at the requirements needed, the process to follow, and how to apply for SASSA qualify to get a disability grant from SASSA. 

A mental disability or a physical disability that makes you unfit for more than 6 months without working. With that, you can get your disability grant. You will however be issued with a permanent disability grant if your health condition lasts more than a year and a temporary disability grant if it lasts only six or less than twelve months.

Qualities Required to Receive a SASSA Disability Grant

Qualities Required to Receive a SASSA Disability Grant
  • You should be a permanent resident of South Africa or a South African citizen or a refugee who’s been living in South Africa when that injury happen and during the disability grant application.
  • You should be of ages between eighteen and fifty-nine years old. 
  • You are not supposed to be in an institution owned by the state. 
  • You must have your 13-digit national ID 
  • You must not be earning more than 86,280R and inclusive of assets worth over 1,227,600R, that is if you’re a single person. If you have been married you must not have more than 172,560R and inclusive of assets worth 2,455,200R.
  • You should also have a medical report from an appointed state doctor indicating the level of your disability.
  • Tag along any other information or document that can be used to attest your medical reports and records and exactly when those assessments were done.

Once everything has been confirmed, the doctor will present the documents to SASSA.

This report is only valid for the next 3 months from the day when you were assessed by the doctor. 

If you are a child under the age of 18 years and you are declared to have a permanent disability then your guardian or your parent can go forward and apply for a Care dependency grant for you. In case you lack these documents you will be required to fill out the affidavit using the SASSA standard format as presented by the commissioner of oaths.

For this type of grant, you will receive 1,980R every month. 

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Ways through which the SASSA Disability Grant can be Deposited

  • Choose a specific safe place and a good day to receive your cash. 
  • You can get the grant through an electronic deposit to your bank account or your post bank account, however, the banks will charge you a certain amount for the services they offer. 
  • The money or grant can be given to the acting administrator in an institution like the home of disabled people.  

In case you’re unable to collect the grant, you can opt to appoint one of the procurators at SASSA or someone else who has the power of attorney to collect your money.

With all that said, here’s the procedure needed to be followed when applying for a disabled person. 

The procedure used to get the SASSA disability grant

  • Firstly, you are required to head to the nearest SASSA office. 
  • The following documents should be brought forward as you head there; 
  • Carry your Identity Document that contains your 13 digits. In case you have no ID, you are required to finish the affidavit with the official format of SASSA in front of your Oaths Commissioner who’s not a SASSA official. 
  • You should also bring in a statement sworn and signed by someone reputable e.g. a traditional leader, school principal, social worker, or even a counselor who can be able to verify your age and name. 
  • The next step will be for SASSA officials to take up your fingerprints. 
  • After that, you’ll be sent to the Department of Home Affairs. Here you’ll be needed to apply for an ID as your application is getting processed. In case your ID is not processed, you won’t be able to get your grant however suspending your application.
  • You should present proof of marital status if any is available. 
  • You are required to present proof of your residence.
  • You should present a functional assessment and your medical report declaring that you are disabled. 
  • You should present proof of your dividends and incomes if you have any.
  • You are required to present proof of the assets you own showing the value of each property. 
  • If you have a private pension you are required to show proof of it 
  • You should present your bank statements for the last three months. 
  • If you have been employed, you should show proof of the (UIF) unemployment insurance fund membership or if possible a discharge certificate obtained from your past or previous employer. 
  • You should present a copy of your spouse’s will if they happened to have passed away within the past 5 years. You should also present the first and last distribution and liquidation accounts. 

A disabled person who is unable to head to the office to apply for the pension can request their family members or friends to head over and apply for them. 

They should accompany themselves with a letter either from the hospital signed by a doctor or by you, saying you’re unable to visit the SASSA office. 

It should be noted that only you or the SASSA attendant can complete the application. You will be interviewed and they’ll let you know if you are capable of getting a grant. Once everything is done you’ll be given your receipt and it should be kept as proof of application once requested for presentation any day any time.

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